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I’ve never owned a Casio CZ, nor any hardware instrument for that matter. I’m afraid I just can’t afford it. Perhaps if I had set out on my musical journey twenty years earlier in the mid-eighties, when everyone was ditching their analogue gear under the foolish notion that digital was superior in every way. Back then, you could swoop down and scoop up analogue equipment for next to nothing, but those days are long gone. Today, vintage analogue hardware is a highly sought after commodity.

That being said, throughout the seventies and early eighties, analog circuitry wasn’t cheap even then. The cost of manual labor and supplies (many of which became scarce overnight) was a problem for engineers and potential investors who couldn’t afford to mass produce something so dependent on labor and finite resources, and even if they could, the average retail customer was certainly in no position to shell out several hundreds or even thousands on a musical instrument.


VirtualCZ Review Rating // 4/5 Stars (AWESOME)

VirtualCZ has that special something you just have to experience for yourself. It’s not the most powerful thing on the planet, but it was never intended to be. Sure, owners of the original CZ line will no doubt be thrilled, but I’m more than certain that VirtualCZ will inevitably stir up a renewed interest in phase distortion synthesis, which is long overdue.


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