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1200x600 sonivox orchestral banner

deal - 99% off16 Dec - January 31, 2017

SONiVOX Orchestral Companion Strings Mega Sale (Exclusive)

Nothing sets the mood like well-done string ensemble, they're lush they're dramatic they're emotionally evocative. Save 99% off exclusively at Plugin Boutique!
620 x 320 pib xpand2 sale pluginboutique

deal - 99% off16 Dec - January 31, 2017

Air Music Xpand!2 Mega Sale!

Back by popular demand, the ultimate Air Music Xpand!2 sale. Save 99% off the awesome workstation during our Christmas promotions!
620 x 320 pib izotope nectar

deal - 77% off10 Jun - February 28, 2017

iZotope Nectar Elements Sale

Getting a great vocal sound doesn't need to be hard. Whether you're recording or you're mixing, Nectar Elements makes vocal treatment a snap. The award winning Nectar Elements from iZotope is currently over 70% off at Plugin Boutique.
620x320 sonivox electroniccompanion 33 new pluginboutique

deal - 90% off 4 Oct - January 31, 2017

SONiVOX Vocalizer Pro Sale

Offering endless sound-sculpting possibilities, Vocalizer Pro is ready to harmonize, modify, fortify, enhance, and re-synthesize any instrument—or any sound—in ways you never thought possible. Save a HUGE 92% off for a limited time exclusively at Plugin Boutique.
620 izotope trash2

deal - 70% off21 Nov - January 31, 2017

Trash 2 + Expansions + FREE DDLY Sale

Distort in ways you never dreamed with the Trash module’s 60+ distortion algorithms, perfect for transforming your sound into something never before heard. For a limited time save 70% off and get two expansions and DDLY for FREE!
620x320 aiep3 50 upgrade pluginboutique

deal - 50% off10 Oct - February 1, 2017

Air Music AIEP3 Complete Upgrade Sale

Calling ALL Air users! Upgrade from Any Air Instrument or previous Instrument Expansion Pack and save 50% off the upgrade path. The new AIR Instrument Expansion Pack is an inspiring collection of virtual instruments and progressive sound-design tools for the modern producer, composer, and performer.
1200x600 sonivox premier collection upgrade banner

deal - 61% off16 Dec - January 31, 2017

SONiVOX Premier Collection Upgrade Sale (Exclusive)

This collection has it all—every Orchestral instrument you can imagine, vibrant, lifelike piano, the full spectrum of dynamic percussion sounds, perfectly organized, easy to use and ready to go. Upgrade here exclusively at Plugin Boutique from ANY SONiVOX product.
620x320 air transfuser2 pluginboutique

deal - 83% off 4 Oct - January 31, 2017

Air Music Transfuser 2 Sale (Exclusive)

Transfuser 2 is a dynamic audio/MIDI environment for manipulating, slicing, and remixing your loops and sounds into something entirely new. Save 83% off exclusively at Plugin Boutique.
620x320 sonivox twist oct pluginboutique

deal - 83% off 1 Sep - January 31, 2017

SONiVOX Twist Sale

Wrap yourself around Twist 2—the Spectral Morphing Synthesis instrument from SONiVOX. Combining a dynamic interface, an advanced pattern generator, and onboard effects,
620x320 sonivox bb universal 89 pluginboutique

deal - 89% off 8 Dec - January 31, 2017

SONiVOX Universal Drums Sale

When it comes to drums, one size does not fit all. Big Bang Universal Drums 2 provides plenty of opportunities to customize every pad or drum sound to match the project—or your taste. Save 89% off exclusively at Plugin Boutique!