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32-bit / 64-bit

Pumper + FREE Exclusive Sample Pack

Dynamic Processor by W.A Production

Buy Pumper & get a FREE Exclusive W.A Production Sample Pack (Ends 13.02.17)

(Check the audio demo in the player and see below for details of the pack. Current users can re-download and obtain the sample pack)

Pumper Is The Ultimate Sound Tool!

The Power of Pumper!

If you own 1 of the Pumper modules you can Upgrade to the full Pumper HERE.

Pumper is a superb all in one audio tool which provides you with killer options to send your productions above and beyond. You can use this amazing Plugin on individual channels or on the master bus, it is so versatile for any style of music!

Get a super high end studio sound with this simple and easy to use plug in, there are so many dimensions and applications in which to use this Plugin.

You can tame high frequencies, as well as control the low-end with the Pumper Compressor. Achieve an 'in your face' vocal/bass sound, or bring out some ambience and FX in your productions.


Compressor Features

  • Punchy Mode gives you that direct punch and clarity - this is great for kick drums or percussion
  • Fat will help to bring out the low-end of your sound and make it sound big!
  • Clean is more transparent and is perfect for adding subtle touches to your sound - great for softer vocals or acoustic instruments
  • Soft is wonderful to use on your master channel - it slightly compresses the sound which will tighten everything up and add clarity, without sounding over compressed and lifeless


The Saturator is second to none in giving your tracks the added warmth and depth that they need. The Saturator also creates a killer edge that you need in our modern world of recording. Instant power and body for your sound!

Stereo Image

The Stereo Image will make your tracks sounds wide and add a beautiful depth and width.

All in One

Using all 3 of the features at once is a powerful and amazing experience. So many features in one plugin, it’s all about the sound!

Pumper is also equipped with an Input and Output knob, so you can really control your levels and gain. The Input knob also works as distortion - this is very fun to play and blend between the Input and the Saturator, it gives you limitless options!

Pumper also gives you a numerical readout, so you can always visualise the amount of any effect you are using.

Try this amazing Plugin out on any channel and listen to the magic happen!


  • Intuitive interface
  • Smooth compression algorithm
  • Gain reduction frequency shaping
  • Analog style rich and easy to use saturation
  • M/S based stereo expander – wide stereo image
  • Accurate and punchy Compressor with 4 variations

Pumper Exclusive Sounds 

7 construction kits + 1 FL Studio template

  • Inspired by the world class producers, these kits will provide you insights on how they write and produce such amazing tracks

150+ drum samples

  • In order for your drums to cut through the mix, you need to have implement high quality drums in your song.


  • In case you are lacking ideas or inspirations to finish up your song, these melodies can help you to stimulate creativity.

Sound patches

  • Uniquely designed sounds ready to be used in your songs or to be learnt by reverse engineering. 

System Requirements


  • Mac OSX 10.7 and later (32bit & 64bit) 


  • Windows 7 and later (32bit & 64bit) 
  • VST/VST3

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