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Andy Sneap EZmix Pack

Expansion Packs by Toontrack

A Speed Dial To Metal.

Mix Tools for Vocals, Drums Guitar and Bass - All Designed by British Superstar Metal Producer Andy Sneap.

Would you want one-click settings for a variety of mix and recording scenarios that transformed your DI signals to match the sound of one of the most influential metal producers of the past two decades? A speed dial to a plethora of the guitar and bass tones heard on some of the heaviest records in modern time? Continue.

This expansion for EZmix 2 was personally designed by British superstar producer Andy Sneap. It focuses primarily on guitar and bass tones but also includes a selection of settings for lead vocals, background vocals and drums. Over the last couple of decades, Andy’s mixes have seen him rise to international fame, lent him work on albums by some of the biggest names in modern metal and overall, his skills have had an instrumental role in shaping the sound of metal as we know it in the new millennium. Andy’s discography reads like a who’s who in recent metal history and includes the likes of DevilDriver, Saxon, Testament, Exodus, Accept and Killswitch Engage, to name a few.

The included guitar and bass tones were emulated and EQ-matched against the source material from some of the most noted productions in his extensive catalogue. The end result presents a jaw-dropping similarity and gives you a multitude of options for bass guitar as well as clean, rhythm and lead guitar. Add to that Andy’s custom settings for various lead vocals, background vocals and drums and you’ll have a set of extremely powerful audio shaping tools that will add a new dimension to your songs.

No amps, no cabs, no hassle. Just you, your song and a great mix. By yourself – and Andy Sneap.



  • Breathy Choir Vox Stereo
  • Large Choir Spread


  • Overhead


  • Room Mic Smasher


  • Snare Pop


  • Alien
  • Chucklevox
  • Jihad
  • Main Metal Vox
  • Main Metal Vox Stereo
  • Predator vs Dalek



  • 90s Rock Bass
  • Extreme Calithrash Bass
  • Teutonic Terror Bass

Guitar Electric:

  • Addictive
  • Ambient Boogie Stack
  • Ambient Rock 1
  • Ambient Rock 2
  • Beast Lead
  • Beast Lead Wide
  • Clean Glassy Wide
  • Clean Mellow
  • Clean Octave Chime
  • Cocked Wah
  • Compressed Clean
  • Crisp Phase
  • East Bay Thrash Guitar
  • Extreme Calithrash 1
  • Extreme Calithrash 2
  • Extreme Calithrash 3
  • Extreme Calithrash 3 Ambience
  • Extreme Calithrash Wide
  • Godzilla
  • Heart of Metal
  • Hellfighter Guitar
  • Hi Gain Boogie
  • Hot Dry Lead
  • Michael 1
  • Michael 2
  • Mid Crunch Doubler Guitar
  • Nemesis Guitar 1
  • Nemesis Guitar 2
  • Nemesis Guitar 3
  • New England Guitar
  • Octave Auto Wah Guitar
  • Odin Guitar
  • Olde English Guitar
  • Overdub Ambience
  • SatanicTaxi Guitar
  • Seattle Boogie
  • Seattle Cranky
  • Stereo Blue Clean
  • Swede Lead
  • Sweet Lead
  • Teutonic Terror Guitar 1
  • Teutonic Terror Guitar 2
  • Turbo Guitar Electric Amplifier

Please Note: These can only be used with Toontrack's EZmix2.

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