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Metal EZmix Pack

Expansion Packs by Toontrack

Metal. The EZ Way.

Mix Tools for a Wide Range of Instruments and Mix Needs, Straight from the Man Behind the Sound of Meshuggah, In Flames and Many, Many Others.

This collection of effect chain presets comes straight from the mind and hands of Daniel Bergstrand, one of the key producers in modern metal.

Having worked on noted productions by Meshuggah, Behemoth, In Flames, Dimmu Borgir and many others, Bergstrand is known to master all of the fragmented genres in metal while still managing to maintain an aura of natural dynamics. This pack serves you with mix tools for exactly that. Get Daniel’s take on how to tweak guitar, bass, vocals, drums – you name it.


  • BitCrushed Wide
  • Hall Reverb D


  • BS Line Bass
  • DEI Bass Amp
  • DEI Line Bass
  • G Bass Amp
  • G Line Bass
  • H Bass
  • J RctAmpg1 Bass
  • J RctAmpg2 Bass
  • J RockSVT Bass
  • V Line Bass


  • DEI Choirs


  • BS Overhead
  • DEI OverheadDEI Overhead2
  • V Overhead


  • BS Room

Guitar Electric:

  • BS Guitar
  • BS Line Melody Guitar
  • BS Melody Guitar
  • DEI Clean Guitar
  • DEI Guitar
  • DEI Solo Guitar
  • DEI Solo Guitar2
  • G Guitar
  • H Guitar
  • Noc Solo Guitar
  • V Clean Crushed Guitar
  • V Guitar CrushSamples
  • V Guitar ENGL


  • BS Hats


  • BS Kick
  • BS Kick2
  • D Kick1
  • D Kick2
  • DEI Kick
  • DEI Kick2
  • G Kick
  • H Kick


  • BS SnareBottom
  • BS SnareTop
  • D Snare
  • DEI Snare
  • G Snare
  • G SnareBottom
  • V SnareTop


  • BS Toms
  • DEI Toms
  • H Toms
  • H Toms2


  • Black Vocals
  • DEI Vocals
  • G Vocals
  • H Vocals
  • Noc Vocals
  • V Vocals

System Requirements

Please Note: These can only be used with Toontrack's EZmix2.