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Soundiron Kontakt Player Bundle

Inst Bundle by Soundiron

The Kontakt Player Bundle is a collection of premium Soundiron virtual instruments that have been specially encoded by Native Instruments for the Kontakt Player platform. This package includes 6 volumes, with over 40,000 samples, 300+ presets and 40+ GB (70+ GB uncompressed source) of content. It includes Elysium Harp, Voices Of Rapture, Requiem Light, Mercury Elements, Olympus Elements, Apocalypse Elements and the Emotional Piano. You'll find hundreds of intuitively playable Kontakt instrument presets with advanced features and brilliant sound quality. 

Click on the blue product-titled hyperlinks and graphics to learn more about each library and full product specs. You can also check out screenshots (which are located by hovering your mouse arrow over the main product graphics and scrolling right) of some of the custom Kontakt interfaces, which provide a variety of automation-ready sound shaping controls. 

This bundle brings it all to you in a single package, at a deep bundle discount!

Apocalypse Percussion Elements - Player Edition


Apocalypse Percussion Elements is a mighty collection of aggressive scoring and concert drums and cymbals for the Native Instruments Kontakt platform. This library is a powerhouse designed for efficient workflow and incredible sound. It's ideal in even the most demanding professional production environment, with extraordinary detail, acoustic quality and flexibility. It features over 40 different drums and over 100 articulations.

Built from our grand 25GB flagship - the Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble - this Elements version is slimmed down to the put maximum punch into a compact footprint and unbeatable price for everyone. Focusing on a close/stage stereo mic position and standard single-stroke multisampled articulations, it’s designed to be intuitive and easy to play. You’ll find thunderous ensemble and solo bass drums, roaring ensemble and solo toms of all sizes, a massive 8-member snare ensemble and 6 different solo snares ranging from deep 14” wooden bodied snares all the way down to tiny 5” effect snares, ethnic drums of all shapes and sizes, clicks, clacks, hi-hats, stick and mallet rides, crashes, splashes, hybrid China crash, fx cymbals, gongs, Tibetan finger cymbals and much more.


  • Powerful Custom User Interface with fully automatable access to critical performance controls
  • Close microphone position for a full, rich sound
  • Customizable key mapping and template design, saving and loading
  • Adaptive meta-arpeggiator system with Preset Saving/Loading
  • Megamixer system with Kit Saving/Loading, Intelligent Sample Loading, and Per-Slot Room Release Controls
  • Drum Category-based (Bass, Snare, Cymbals and Aux) Room Release Controls in many Presets
  • Midi Loop Playback and Custom Mapping
  • Our Custom FX Rack with powerful and configurable controls for every effect
  • 70 integrated custom convolution IR samples

Learn more about Apocalypse Elements - Player Edition

Elysium Harp

Elysium Harp is a 47-string grand concert pedal harp virtual instrument library, fully compatible with the free Kontakt Player and Komplete Kontrol S-Series Keyboards by Native Instruments. We recorded this massive Lyon & Healy bronze concert harp in exquisite detail, with extended articulation choices, advanced controls, easy play-assist features and warm presence across the entire key range.

We've covered classic Finger Plucks with long sustains, deep round-robin and dynamic layering for each string. We also recorded Hard Fingernail plucks, Harmonics, Xylophonics, Bass Pedal Buzzes, plus a wide collection of natural Live Glisses in 19 scales and styles by harpist Jennifer Ellis. You'll find lots of custom ambiences, pads and unique FX presets created with the harp source to open up limitless sound design possibilities. You also have access to 3 stereo mic positions (sound board, rear ports & room) to freely mix and route, plus an advanced real-time gliss and arpeggiator sequencers, instant pedal presets for easy glissing and arpeggios, precise tone and presence shaping and a full FX rack for total creative freedom. Elysium Harp contains 12,147 samples and over 30GB of wav content. The library is compressed to 14.7 GB with NI's lossless .ncw audio format for greater resource efficiency.


Deep-Sampled Articulations:

  • 8 round-robin variations per dynamic layer
  • Finger Pad Plucks
  • Finger Nail Plucks
  • Soft Harmonic Plucks
  • Hard Harmonic Plucks
  • Xylophonic Plucks
  • Bass String Pedal Buzz Effects
  • 194 Natural Glisses in 19 scales and styles by harp soloists Jennifer Ellis
  • Dozens of custom ambiences, organic synth pads, tonal atmospheres and FX presets crafted from the harp source recordings and presets

Learn more about Elysium Harp

Emotional Piano Player Edition

Emotional Piano is a legendary virtual grand piano designed for professional soundtrack scoring, song-writing and symphonic orchestration. We carefully selected this particular walnut-bodied Kawai grand piano for it’s soft, luminous warmth and rich, resonant tone. It's the perfect paintbrush for lush and emotive arrangements. Emotional Piano is also equipped with a huge selection of uniquely sound-designed custom presets and effects patches to give you an extraordinary range of sonic flavors and creative tools.

Our powerful user interface gives you complete control over your sound, with a fully-configurable multi-FX rack and intuitive sound-shaping features. The FX rack provides you a 10-bay modular chain with full routing control and a selection of 18 of Kontakt’s best built-in DSP effects to choose from. You can arrange the effects in any order and save your own presets for later. We’ve also included dozens of Snapshot Presets that cover common use cases and provide lots of new creative possibilities.

Emotional Piano is compatible with Native Instruments’ free Kontakt Player (versions 5.5.2 and later) for all VST, AU and AAX DAWs and hosts, as well as Komplete Kontrol software environment and all S-Series Keyboards with Light-Guide capabilities. Built from 4.6 GB of content, it’s losslessly compressed to an efficient 2.56 GB installed.


  • 88 Keys
  • An average of 10 dynamic velocity layers per key note and release
  • Pedal Action Samples
  • Close microphone position for a full, rich sound
  • Adaptive Arpeggiator system in some presets
  • FX Panel with powerful and configurable controls for every effect
  • Convolution reverb with 100+ custom natural and FX environments

Learn more about Emotional Piano Player Edition.

Mercury Elements - Player Edition

Mercury Elements is an exquisitely recorded boys' chorus for Native Instruments Kontakt and Kontakt Player, hand-selected from the most essential elements of our comprehensive Mercury Symphonic Boys' Choir. We’ve carefully crafted this library to provide you a fluid and naturally intuitive musical experience, with a professional children's choral sound and full feature set, for an unprecedented value.

Mercury Elements includes a close microphone position, captured in a large hall for brilliance, clarity and a naturally stellar tone. It was recorded with a 25-voice boys' choral ensemble, with the award-winning Pacific Boychoir. It includes Sustains, Staccatos and Marcatos for the primary Ah, Eh, Oh and Oo vowels, in both piano and forte dynamics with 2x round-robin variations per note. It also features polyphonic true legato, for Ah and Oo vowel sounds in both piano and forte dynamics. There are also a selection of multi-syllable chromatic Latin sustaining and staccato words with automatic tempo-synching. And we've included an essential selection of children's choral effects and an exclusive new collection of our signature sound-designed choral atmospheres and pads to complete this excellent package. It all comes wrapped in a flexible and user-friendly user interface, with powerful sound shaping and FX features built in.


  • A chorus of 25 singers from the award-winning Pacific Boychoir
  • 2 Dynamic Layered PP/FF True Legato Vowels (Ah, and Oo)
  • 4 Dynamic Layered PP/FF Vowels (Ah, Eh, Oh, Oo) for Sustains, Staccatos and Marcatos with 2x Round Robin per note
  • Dual-Layer layout for mixing and blending between vowels and articulations
  • Chromatic Latin sustaining and staccato multi-syllable words with automatic tempo-synching
  • Tempo-synching and time-stretching presets optimized for Kontakt 5
  • Children's choral vocal effects
  • A deep bonus collection of custom ambient soundscapes, drones, pads and atmospheres hand-crafted using the original choral source
  • Integrated DSP effects and custom convolution impulses included
  • Fully automatable custom user interface

Learn more about Mercury Elements - Player Edition.

Olympus Elements Player Edition


  • Full 63-voice symphonic choir
  • Separate Divisi Men and Divisi Women articulations 
  • Live Hall recording, with a close semi-dry balanced set of stage mics in a wide stereo mix.
  • Crystaline highs in the women's section and thunderous bass in the men's section. 
  • 8 Vowel Staccatos w/ round-robin (Ah, Eh, Ei, Ee, Ih, Mm, Oh & Oo)
  • 8 Vowel Marcatos w/ round-robin (Ah, Eh, Ei, Ee, Ih, Mm, Oh & Oo)
  • 8 Vowel Sustains (Ah, Eh, Ei, Ee, Ih, Mm, Oh & Oo)
  • Polyphonic True Legato with full interval control (fluid pp-FF dynamics for Ah & Oo vowels)
  • Powerful Staccato/Sustain Phrase Master meta phrase step sequencing tool with custom preset loading
  • Vowel Master Staccato/Sustain live performance tool. 
  • Wide variety of classic and experimental choral vocal effects
  • Ambiences, Soundscapes and atmospheric choral pads. 
  • Complete set of custom room, hall and FX convolution reverbs to chose from.
  • Fully independent automation-ready performance-shaping controls for each section
  • Fully customizable GUI, key-range placement, keyswitching and divisi arrangement. 
  • 3960 Samples (lossless ncw format)
  • 89 .nki files (locked format)

Learn more about Olympus Elements Player Edition

Requiem Light Player Edition

Requiem Light is a professional virtual choir library for the full version of Kontakt, designed specifically for trailer, soundtrack and "epic" symphonic scoring work. This hand-picked 40-member male/female choir was recorded in one of San Francisco's oldest cathedrals with conductor Robert Geary. Originally recorded using multiple room position stereo microphone pairs, Requiem Light has been carefully mixed down and artfully mastered into a single well-balanced and truly optimized blend, providing quality, depth, power, tone and body, while remaining exceptionally light on system resources and delivering excellent ease-of-use.

The library contains sustains and polyphonic true legato, staccatos, ultra forte sustaining marcatos, a custom staccato phrase-builder, chromatic latin chants ("poly-sustains") with 3-part polyphonic legato, hundreds of choral effects (whispers, shouts, clusters, demonic chants, sweeps, consonants, claps, snaps, and more), tenor and soprano soloists and a unique collection of choral ambiences, pads and custom FX presets. Requiem Light is intended for users who want a professional choir library at their fingertips, without the usual performance and workflow tradeoffs of the 3-mic position original. It delivers a huge and rich sound right out of the box, without any of the usual mixing hassles. It's designed to excel, whether dropped into the most resource intensive orchestral scoring templates or used from the road on a laptop. 


  • Full 40-voice symphonic choir
  • Separate Full Unison Chorus, Divisi Men and Divisi Women articulations. 
  • Live Cathedral recording, with a balanced ultra-wide stereo mix of a dozen microphones.
  • 22 Staccato Syllables
  • 16 Marcato Words (sustaining w/release) 
  • Vowel Sustains
  • Polyphonic True Legato (fluid pp-FFF dynamics for Ah, Eh, Oh vowels)
  • Slow tempo-synching chromatic sustaining polysyllabic Latin sustaining chants w/ legato
  • Fast tempo-synching chromatic polysyllabic Latin staccato chants w/ legato
  • Wide variety of classic and experimental choral vocal effects
  • Ambiences, Soundscapes and atmospheric choral pads. 
  • Solo Soprano short polysustain full range chromatic phrases
  • Solo Tenor short polysustain full range chromatic phrases
  • 3960 Samples (lossless ncw format)
  • 89 .nki files (locked format)

Learn more about Requiem Light Player Edition.

Voices Of Rapture

Voices Of Rapture is our premier operatic solo vocal collection for Kontakt Player (VST, AU, AAX), featuring 4 outstanding singers covering the classical soprano, alto, tenor and bass ranges. This complete solution includes fundamental chromatic articulations like true legato vowel sustains, single and multi-syllable staccatos and Latin chanting sustains, with individual solo and combined ensemble quartet presets. It also comes packed with thousands of beautifully dynamic live performance phrases in various keys and tempos, with your choice of Pure Vowel, French, Latin and even Humming and Whistling categories. The Phrase presets are equipped with real-time step-sequencing, tempo control, phrase editing and other control features for maximum flexibility and intuitive playability. You'll also find dozens of uniquely creative sound-designed atmospheric synths, drones and soundscapes that we've re-synthesized from these voices. They're perfect for underscoring, reinforcement and ambient arrangements. Along with our full FX rack panel, they offer you nearly endless creative possibilities.

Together with Nichole Dechaine (Soprano), Kindra Scharich (Alto), Brian Thorsett (Tenor) and Joseph Trumbo (Bass), we captured a grand total of nearly 50 hours in our studio and carefully distilled it into this extraordinarily playable virtual instrument library for the Kontakt Player and Komplete Kontrol platforms. With a clean and simple interface, pristine fidelity and excellent vocal performances, Voices Of Rapture is your new go-to for classical and cinematic lead vocal arrangements.


  • True Legato Vowels: Ah and Oo core vowels for the ensemble, with additional options for some individual voices
  • Vowel Sustains: Classic pure vowel sustains, covering Ah, Eh, Ee, Mm, Oh and Oo sounds in softer piano and stronger forte dynamics
  • Latin "Poly-Sustains": 12 Poly-syllabic sustaining liturgical Latin words and short chants with speed control and simulated legato
  • Vowel Staccatos: Classic pure short notes for Ah, Eh, Ee, Mm, Oh and Oo vowels in softer piano and stronger forte dynamics
  • Latin "Poly-Staccatos": 23 Poly-syllabic short notes with round-robin, covering a wide variety of liturgical Latin word
  • Whispers, Breaths and other vocal sound effects for added realism and expanded sound design possibilities
  • 425 Atmospheric pads, ambiences, drones, sonic textures and evolving soundscapes hand-crafted from the raw vocal source. From smooth and celestial to brutally gritty and sinister, you have a huge range of choices that are perfect for layering, underscoring, sound design and electronic and hybrid music production

Learn more about Voices Of Rapture.

System Requirements

  • This library has been licensed by Native Instruments for use in the Kontakt Player engine. It can be used in the free Kontakt Player or the full retail version of Kontakt (version 5.5.2 or later). The Kontakt 'Libraries' browser rack supports this Kontakt Player library. Online serial registration through the Native Instruments Service Center is required to activate this library.
  • This Powered-By-Kontakt Player Edition is supported by the latest version of the free Kontakt Player (VST, AU, AAX) and the special 'Libraries' rack. Windows XP or higher required for PC. OSX 10.9 or higher required for Mac. Dual Core CPU, 2 GB System Ram, SATA or SSD hard drive recommended for this library. This software is delivered as a digital download, so a broadband connection is required


  • Native Instruments Free Kontakt Player (version 5.5.2 or later) is required to run the contents of this software
  • This software is delivered as a digital download, so a broadband connection is required

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