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AutoTheory PRO

Utility by Mozaic BeatsAlso available in a bundle

"It will indeed help you play complex chords and generate melodies with fairly minimal musical knowledge. AutoTheory can certainly help you generate new musical ideas".
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Chooky music
"I'm loving it... Really excited to have this in the tool bag!"
Chooky. Rooted in hip-hop and flared with pop, DC-native Chooky has been DJing and producing dance music since 2011.
"I just heard about your amazing product and immediately purchased it!!!"
Che Pope. is a Grammy Award-winning producer and industry veteran. He started his career by working with the likes of The Fugees, Wyclef Jean, and Lauryn Hill.

Master Music Theory Instantly 

Play Multiple Instruments in any DAW, in Perfect Key

Easily play any type of chord progression from any key or scale, while simultaneously playing melodies or basslines that perfectly match each chord. Unlike other programs that perform composition for you, AutoTheory is a filter that you play through in real time. The patented tone shifting functions allow you to take your composition in any direction you choose, while never playing anything out of key.

AutoTheory is a midi mapping software that sits between your keyboard (or qwerty) and your DAW. It receives midi from your keyboard and sends multiple virtual midi controllers into your DAW, it is not a plug in.

Optimised for Qwerty but Desgined for MIDI...

AutoTheory Pro perfects your playing, and it makes it easier then ever to control multiple instruments from your qwerty keyboard. Add in a MIDI controller and focus on the music, while Autotheory Pro keeps you in perfect key. 


  • Chord Generator - Play any chord progression from any key or scale with one finger
  • Melody Lock - Keep your hand in one position while appropriate melody tones shift to your fingers. Patented Functions. Multiple mappings for more experienced players
  • Chord Editor - Design any type of voicing, inversion, out of scale or extended chord imaginable. Allows experienced players to edit chords on a step by step basis. Patented Function
  • Device Outputs - Control multiple instruments simultaneously through both the Chord Generator and Melody Lock functions

System Requirements

  • Compatible with Mac OSX (10.6 and up) and Windows (7 and up)
  • Operates as a standalone application
  • Each license includes 2x iLok activations so can be run on multiple machines

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