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Rapture Pro Upgrade

Synth by Cakewalk


This is an upgrade version of the Rapture Pro for registered users of either Cakewalk's Z3TA+2 // Rapture // Dimenison Pro // Sonar. You will be asked to email your serial to our support so we can confirm it is valid. Once your status as a registered Cakewalk user has been verified we will add your Rapture Pro serial number to your account and notify you via e-mail. This should take no longer than one business day.

Rapture Pro: Hearing is Believing

What is Rapture Pro?

Rapture Pro is the first performance synth to combine oscillator and sample-based synthesis in an intuitive design for musicians of any skill level. Simply load a sound and go! Rapture Pro’s innovative Perform mode connects the studio and stage with exceptional control for real-time expressiveness and a sound library that spans all genres of music. Whether you want a classic piano sound for a smooth jazz ballad, searing rock guitars, breathtaking atmospheres, or cutting-edge, step-sequenced patterns for EDM, you’ll find them all in the massive library of instruments, textures, and soundscapes.

But, Rapture Pro is far from the usual “set-and-forget” instrument. The new Edit mode gives you infinite tweakability by overlaying Rapture’s signature mixing and modulation options for every program. Harness the power of sophisticated synthesis and create sounds that you'll need to hear to believe.


  • Transform, perform, produce, bend, and twist with new sounds, more FX, and more control
  • Find and prioritize sounds faster with databased browsing
  • Performance Mode gives unprecedented freedom to interact with sounds on stage or in the studio
  • Vector Mixer controls all 6 element volumes simultaneously for creative, real-time mixing
  • Edit and create sounds easily with the clean, expansive, color-coded user interface
  • 6-element architecture is ideal for MIDI guitar
  • Effortless parameter mapping with the new Mod Matrix
  • Each element of Rapture Pro has 7 Step Generators, 7 LFOs, and 7 Envelope Generators
  • 13 crushing distortion FX for massive pads and lead presets
  • 21 sweeping filters for building bass drops and surgical mixing
  • 31 soaring insert FX for each individual element
  • Freely layer synths and samples
  • 2-click MIDI Mapping for quick controller assignments
  • Mix your instrument’s elements with the Mixer Page’s faders, pan, and sends
  • Individual element tone-shaping with a more visual EQ
  • Supports Mac OS X Audio Units, Windows 7/8 VST3
  • Nearly 10GB of sounds from professional sound designers
  • Ability to load individual microtuning files per element
  • Multitimbral mode allows you to play each element individually

What's New in Rapture Pro

One synth to rule them all. The best features of Dimension Pro and Rapture have added significant innovations to bring you a next-generation musical instrument that bridges the gap between live performance spontaneity and impressive studio sound.


Get ready for a new adventure in virtual instruments.

Explore the new world of Rapture Pro with nearly 1000 presets and 10 GB of sounds. We’ve handpicked some of the best designers from across the world to give you their very first take on Rapture Pro’s monstrous sound engine. From world instruments to ripping bass synths, Rapture Pro makes it possible to explore unthinkable combinations of sounds.


Blend studio production with stage excitement.

Play, mix, and write your music in real time with Rapture Pro’s new Perform Mode. Accessing all your favorite controls has never been easier with this next generation performance synth. Create studio tracks for live sets in minutes with Rapture Pro’s advanced mod matrix and then bring it to the stage using the new instrument page layout and live mixing features.


Total control unlike any other synth.

Customize your sound with Rapture Pro’s comprehensive modulation controls using methods unmatched by today’s virtual instruments. Individually control and tweak every button, knob, and effect with up to 86 modulators per instance inside of Rapture Pro’s extensive step generator, envelope generator, and LFO capabilities.


Sampler accuracy, synthesizer flexibility.

Rapture Pro merges the best of both worlds with sought-after synth sounds and real-world acoustic instruments. Layering blends of Rapture Pro’s extensive library with the sonic richness of its synth engine opens a realm of possibilities for sound designers and composers alike. This new fusion of two legendary instruments is the next step in Cakewalk virtual instruments.


Find your sound.

Sort, prioritize, and even see your most-used presets from Rapture Pro’s vast library of sounds—directly from the sophisticated Browser Page.


The face of your performance.

Rapture Pro makes performance a breeze with the brand new Instrument Page, which allows you to map any control to one fluid layout, ready for the main stage. Tweak and mix on the fly with the brand new Vector Mixer and X/Y pads for even more freedom during your live sets.


Global sound control.

The Mixer page is where you add the final touches to your patches. With 31 FX inserts, global mix controls, and a master EQ - Rapture Pro’s Mixer page lets your patches reach a higher sonic standard. Globally control volume with the Step Generator or run all 6 elements in serial for even more options.


Sound design made easy.

Rapture Pro enables users to dive into the depths of sound design with more tools and features than ever before. As an added touch, Rapture Pro now has a new interface for the parametric EQ and a clean new layout for creating the best sounds on the planet.

The anatomy of Rapture Pro

Layer real-life instruments and monstrous synth sounds simultaneously, thanks to Rapture Pro’s versatile sound engine and workflow. With 6 elements and 20 instrument types, Rapture Pro lets you customize the way your presets and programs tear through your music with unparalleled sound quality and three different page views for your workflow.

Parametric EQ

Mix your sound with precision: Sculpt and shape your sound visually with Rapture Pro’s Parametric EQ—integrated individually and globally throughout Rapture Pro’s interface.

One control for your mix: Sweep among the individual volumes of all 6 elements simultaneously with the Vector Mixer—and map it to your live rig for yet another level of performance control.

Infinite Possibilities: Rapture Pro’s multiple Envelope Generators, Step Generators, and LFO modulators give you the freedom to control this synth any way you please.

VST3: VST3 Ready // A better synth deserves a better plug-in format. Rapture Pro takes performance to another level with advanced VST3 technology.

20 all new instrument types

Rapture Pro now includes 20 all new instrument types, chock full of presets that can be easily mapped to your controller for amazing performance possibilities through the new Instruments Page.

Atmospheric // Piano // Electric Piano // Drum kit // Bass Synth // Strings // Pattern Synth // Brass // Lead Synth // Orchestral Stacks // Percussion // Spilts // Guitars // Sound FX // Grooves // Vocals // Organs // Bass Guitars // World Instuments // Woodwinds

Plus, a world of presets

Rapture Pro comes fully stocked with over 10GB of new content and 4300+ total presets. Plus, you can use any existing expansion pack for Dimension or Rapture Classic.

  • Rapture Pro Factory Library - Nearly 1000 Presets
  • Rapture Classics Factory Library - Over 1,300 Presets
  • Dimension Pro Factory Library - Over 2,000 Presets
  • Expansion Packs - 40+ Expansion Packs

Sounds Designed by the Pros

Rapture Pro’s sounds are designed by some of the most talented professionals in the industry. We hand picked these individuals because their particular styles compliment different parts of Rapture Pro’s ever-evolving design.

Dom Kane: DJ | Producer | Engineer

As a writer & producer, his music has been heard globally in DJ sets from David Guetta, Deadmau5, Orbital, James Zabiela, to name a few, with international radio play from BBC Radio 1 & Sirius (Pete Tong), to Capital FM (Andi Durrant), and on TV channels from Sky Sports (Football Saturday) to Channel 5 (Celebrity Big Brother). Dom has engineered for several UK Top 40 artists recording vocals and instrumentation including Sian Evans (Kosheen), Chris Jones (Armada), and more. As a DJ, Dom has held residencies at some of the worlds most legendary clubs including Space Ibiza and Ministry Of Sound in London.

Ben Cantil: Producer

Ben Cantil (Encanti) is an electronic music producer and sound designer from Alaska (USA), who currently teaches for the Music Production, Technology and Innovation at the Berklee College of Music campus in Spain. He is the music producer behind Zebbler Encanti Experience, an audio/visual collaboration with projection-mapping pioneer Zebbler. A pioneer of hybrid genres such as PsyTrap, Encanti's production style is marked by precision sound design and high-energy delivery.

Craig Anderton: Musician | Author

Craig Anderton is an internationally recognized authority on music and technology. He has played on, produced, or mastered over 20 major label recordings and hundreds of tracks, authored over 25 books on musical electronics, written over a thousand articles, lectured on technology and the arts (in 10 countries, 38 U.S. states, and three languages).

Craig has done sound design work for Alesis, E-Mu, Ensoniq, M-Audio, Native Instruments, Oberheim, Peavey, Presonus, Roland, Sonoma Wire Works/Discrete Drums, Steinberg, Wizoo, and probably a few others that slipped his mind at the moment. He is currently an Executive Vice President at Gibson Brands.

Andrew Hlynsky: Producer

Andrew Hlynsky is a teacher, sound ware developer and music technologist from Boston MA. He has attended the New School for Jazz and the Berklee College of Music for Music Synthesis. Andrew has been working as a professional sound designer for more than nine years. He currently teaches Ableton Live production at the MMMMaven School in Cambridge MA and works as an audio technician at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts.

Francesco Silvestri: Producer

Piano lessons as a kid. Cover bands as a teenager when Francesco discovered synthesizers. In the nineties he discovered the use of PCs to make music, first with the trackers then with MIDI when the VST revolution started at the end of the decade. The first plugin Francesco purchased was Pentagon by rgc:audio, then its successor z3ta+, for which he created two banks which were quite famous among the users: Virus MOD and Muz3uM.

Jeremy Janzen: Producer

Jeremy Janzen founded Nucleus SoundLab as an outlet for his sound design passion in 2006. Since then he's brought his creative style to a wide variety of software instruments, through self-published products as well as factory libraries. Jeremy takes a unique approach to sound design, and avoids creating sounds that can be pigeon-holed into a single genre. He feels the best sounds are those that can be used in multiple musical genres, or even used to create something completely fresh.

Kieran Swarbrick: Producer

Kieran has been making sounds professionally for 7 years in all kinds of synthesizers and working with artists to craft the sound they need. He’s been a music producer for about 10 years and worked with various labels making different types of genres mainly dance/electro/techno based music. Kieran is a programmer and developer of VST instruments and has an inside knowledge of what it takes to produce the sounds and work with every possible tool in an instrument's arsenal.

Danny Danzi: Producer

Multi-instrumentalist for 35 years, 2 albums released world-wide in 1999 and 2004. Currently signed to Marquee Avalon in Japan. Owner of DanziLand Studios featuring mixing, mastering, re-amping and sampling, video editing and sync, forensic audio, recording classes both online and in person.

Beta tester for various companies of hardware, software and VST/VSTi plugins. On the side you can find Danny playing with Van Halen Nation and Skeleton Crew, his two cover bands.

System Requirements


  • Win 7, Win 8, Win 8.1*
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or newer
  • Memory: Minimum 2GB RAM
  • Disk space: Core installer 50MB, Full installation: 13GB
  • Formats: VST2i, VST3i, Standalone Version (32 or 64Bit)
  • Install and activate with Cakewalk Command Center ***

Mac OS X

  • OS X 10.7.5 - OS X 10.10
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or newer
  • Memory: Minimum 2GB RAM
  • Disk space: Core Installer: 50MB, Full installation: 13GB
  • Formats: Audio Units, VST3i (32** or 64Bit)
  • Install and activate with Cakewalk Command Center ***

* Windows XP is blocked, Vista not officially supported

** Mac OS X not supported on older 32-bit processors (1st Gen Intel Macs)

*** Internet connection required

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