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Vocal Processing by Digital Brain Instruments

Eduardo vaisman
'Voxpat was involved in the voice of "Snow Blood" the wolf, maintaining the tone of the other dire wolves of the game and adding a layer of additional character'
Eduardo Vaisman. Team Leader of Audio at Ubisoft - Creators of Assassin's Creed, Just Dance, Tom Clancy's video game series, Rayman, Far Cry, Watch Dogs and many more
'The pleasure of Voxpat is in its placing a pleasing variety of monstrous possibilities at your fingertips.'
Sound on Sound . Independently owned monthly music technology magazine.
Devenlay testimonial
'It's a great gear and a valuable partner in my audio tools for now. Samples choice, lot of options for manipulate the audio. From the monster to animal or strange creature, everything is possible. It ’s now time to make your beast, unique and flexible sounds with your personal presets. Good job!!'
Frederic Devanlay. BigWheels Studio & Red Libraries


Voxpat is a standalone software developed to create high quality awesome monster, other world creatures and robotic voices for games, films, music, multimedia projects and to create sound libraries in just a few minutes. But also to process any virtual or real music instruments.

Procedural audio, audio synthesis, audio convolution, among other audio manipulation techniques are used to create multiple layers of sound using your own voice or pre-recorded audio files.

Voxpat process the input signal through up to 14 effects simultaneously, allowing to create a wide range kind of voices with the ability to control many parameters within each audio effect. Includes presets and sample sounds from respected sound designers as Frederic Devanlay, Stephan Schütze, Kate Finan & Russell Gorsky. Step by step Voxpat is becoming an industry standard for films and games.


  • Up to 2 Microphone inputs.
  • Multi Player. Up to 4 audio files simultaneously.
  • Virtual Instrument input


Inputs spectral mixing.

Input Depending mode

Activate or deactivate effects output depending the input level. 

Delays Matrix

Add a delay to any voice effect output.

Voice Effects

Up to 14 simultaneously layers of sound

  • Noiser - Noise signal convolution
  • Mammal - Mammal sound convolution
  • Shifter - 6 V oices pitch shifting
  • SConv - Sample convolution
  • SPlayer - Sample player
  • PMorph - Plugin convolution
  • Spectra - Spectral pitch shifting
  • Dpicth - Delay pitch shifying & Time-based pitch shifting
  • Ring - 2 single band ring modulators
  • Plugs - 2 vst/au plugin sections and 4 predesigned effects

Voice Morphing

Morphing between different voice effects.

Output Morphing

Morphing between wet & dry signals.

Master Rack

Includes 2 plug-in sections, 5-band parametric EQ, Pitch Shifting & Cut Off Filter.


Up to 192kHz/32Bits Stereo/Mono wav & aiff files, depending your soundcard. Dry/Wet signal recording available.

Rec Me

Record/Play your voice in a few seconds.

Batch Processing

Process a bunch of files in just one-click.


Includes 57 presets from respected sound designers.

IO Routing

Play/Record audio from any DAW/Audio Editor.

Midi Matrix

Control Voxpat via your midi device, tablet or smartphone. Lemur and Touch OSC templates included.


  • Real-Time Audio Processing
  • Up to 4 Inputs: 2 Microphones, Audio Player & Virtual Instrument Player
  • Multi Player. Process up to 4 audio files simultaneously
  • Process your voice through 14 audio effects simultaneously
  • Input Depending mode
  • Delays section
  • Master Rack (VST/EQ/Pitch/HPF/LPF)
  • Stereo/Mono Recording
  • Stereo/Mono Batch Processing
  • Rec Me section
  • Input & Output Routing (to any DAW/Audio Editor)
  • Control V oxpat via your midi device
  • Include presets & samples from respected sound designers
  • Control Voxpat via your midi device, tablet or smartphone. Lemur and Touch OSC templates included

New Version Features

  • Added Windows 8 and Windows 10 support
  • Added Mac OS X EL Capitan support
  • Added individual pitch shifting on every sample player at SConv and SPlayer effects
  • New Multi Player section allows to process up to 4 files simultaneously
  • Added Mono recording mode to basic recording and batch processing sections
  • Added new playback speed reset button
  • Added drag & drop folder
  • General audio performance enhancements
  • Various GUI improvements
  • Redesigned interface

System Requirements


  • Intel Machine Running OSX 10.7 or later. Minimum 2GB Ram


  • Windows 7 or later, multicore processor. Minimum 2GB Ram 

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