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Crate Digger Complete

Sample Packs by RawCutz

Crate Digger Complete is a fresh bundle of Raw Cutz classic packs which have been put together in a unique combination to complement each other perfectly.

Crate Digger is a sexy, dirt fuelled collection of hits, stabs, chords and tones which have that original hard edged funky vinyl feel. Featuring gutsy stabs, deep chords, shimmering pads, edgy guitars, jazz notes, soft organs, dusty beats and fat kicks.

Soul Brothers is a raw, crashing sample pack which packs a funky punch with a great collection of short and stabby on target samples including saxes, rhodes, vocals, trombones, trumpets, and plenty of in your face hits and one shot fx.

Magic Flute is a super chilled collection of dubbed up and smoked out grooves which include wah guitars, retro keys, spaced out pianos, chilled chords, plucked guitars, dub delays, flutes, rhodes, harps and mellow strings.

Shaft is a darker experiment which traps you in a grungy loop of unconventional sonic bliss, featuring eclectic rhodes tones, chopped soulful chords, slick beats, lazy keys, fat kicks, grainy fx and echo loops.

Mad Stylez is a darker  Hip Hop sample collection which features atmospheric  pianos, rich strings, cool chords, flute fx, distant horns, vibraphone moments, dangerous fx, sax hits, glassy tones, cold chords,  and many obscure acoustic ingredients.

Polish Jazz moves east to experiment with the crackling sound and funk flavours from the vaults, in a tasty collection of sounds which include: dusty organs, pushed grooves, vibing notes, swung guitars, blues tones, murky wurlis and vinyl vocals.

Durty Wins is a jazzy expedition into the unkown, featuring a cool collection of fidget jazz samples, disco stabs, blasting beats, rhodes wobbles, heavy hits, bubbling organs, muted notes and swung noise. Win Gold with this latest sound collection, an inspirational pack full of hidden gems and kickin beats.

Midnite brings the sound of the underground to producers worldwide, with jazzy soulful vibes, crashes, short round basses, warm musical sounds, dope fx, tingling chords, slow moods, turbo charged kicks, space fx, atmospherics, insect loops and deep vocals.

Supreem is a smooth journey into the heart of this producers sonic palette. Featuring cheap chops, spliffed out sounds, jazzy bends, rhodes moments, echoing keys, glassy notes, flipside beats, soulful guitars, high strings, fat snares and deep kicks.

Prestige is a tight collection of pumping hip hop samples designed to create future classics and includes tough snares, slam dunked hits, brash beats, twisted fx, funky chords, rhodes notes, jazzy elements, guitar wahs, hard hitting horns, and heavy sax echoes.

Whether you are making Hip Hop, Jazz, Funk, Ambient or Future styles you will find some of the most critically acclaimed, authentic samples contained for your productions, at a new hugely discounted price representing 50% off the previous per pack prices.


  • 24 Bit Quality 
  • 2,248 Samples
  • 1,432 Raw Cutz
  • 156 Snare Samples
  • 102 Rex2 Files
  • 1.20GB  
  • 91 Raw Breaks 
  • 264 Kick Samples  
  • 113 Hi Hat Samples 

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