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Analogue Collection

EQ by Minimal System Group

Minimal System Group is pleased to introduce the new Analogue Mixing and Mastering Collection. Comprising of a comprehensive analogue modelled channel strip and 8 band EQ this collection contains two powerful tools that can be used on your channel and master busses to aid you with both mixing and mastering.


  • Two plugins included - Analogue Channel Strip and Analogue EQ
  • Channel Strip comprises of an 8 band customisable EQ, Buss Compressor, Limiter, and Master section
  • Analogue EQ is an 8 band customisable EQ with Master section
  • EQ frequency range - 20hz to 20,000hz on each band
  • Each EQ band has +/-40dB of gain
  • Buss Compressor designed to 'Glue' track groups together. Can also be used effectively to 'Glue' the final mixdown
  • Signal flow of the Analogue Channel is as follows: EQ > Compressor > Limiter
  • Monitoring meters on both plugins showing input, output, and compression gain reduction
  • Analogue channel is perfect for buss channels or the master channel and can be used effectively for both mixing and mastering
  • Modelled on analogue hardware
  • Professional GUI design
  • Low CPU usage

System Requirements

  • PC running a Windows operating system. VST compatible DAW or VST hosting software
  • This plugin is 32bit but can be run on 64bit systems using jBridge
  • This plugin also operates within the 64bit versions of Cubase, Nuendo, Bitwig Studio, Reaper, Tracktion, Renoise, FL Studio, Sonar, Mixcraft and Samplitude using their inbuilt bridging
  • It is recommended that you always try out the demo before purchases to ensure that the plugin is compatible with your system

Host Compatibility

  • Minimal System Instruments Plugins run on Windows based PC's using a suitable VST host or DAW. Our plugins have been fully tested within Ableton Live, Adobe Audition, Cakewalk Sonar, FL Studio, Energy XT, Presonus Studio One, Renoise, and Cubase

Please note: This plugin is 32bit but can be run on 64bit systems using jBridge

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