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Ableton Synth Instruments

Ableton Racks by Sample Magic

The latest in our Ableton Instruments series we put the focus on leads, arpeggios, chords and pads with Ableton Synth Instruments. Built from scratch with Ableton’s native Analog and Operator synths - alongside custom-built processing chains - the pack contains 10 diverse synth instruments designed to suit all electronic music genres. 

From classic arpeggios to FM chords, this comprehensive pack offers instant pan-genre synth inspiration that can be jammed, tweaked and automated in almost endless permutations to fit any track. 

Each rack contains eight macros, covering everything from oscillator blending and envelope shaping through to complex signal chains containing reverb, delays and distortion. The macros have all been designed to work together to offer maximum sound shaping potential and creative freedom to get truly unique melodic sounds.

What's Inside

Additive Waves

  • This instrument is built around two custom additive waves in Ableton's Operator. Added FM modulation and a 4-bit Filter offers huge potential for morphing leads, FX and basses. Further processing with Amp Simulation, Sample Rate reduction and Filtering offer even more sound sculpting options. 

Arpeggio Synth 

  • How often do you need a quick and simple arpeggio synth to add melodic interest to a synth line? With a Sub Oscillator, Saw Wave and Octave Up parameters to play with - alongside FM Modulation and Filtering - you can quickly sculpt your sound as well as controlling arpeggio patterns, rates and note lengths. 

Classic Poly

  • An ode to the classic analogue poly synths of yesteryear. Intuitively blend Saw and Square Waves as well as add an Octave Up for added weight. There's a 12dB Low Pass Filter for smooth and characterful filtering as well as Noise control added to add some grit and warmth to the oscillators. With the Detune and Modulation controls you can mimic hardware oscillator instability as well as Modulation FX from a chorus unit. 

FM Synth

  • 4 Operator FM is controlled with oscillator volume for the 3 operators and also FM tone control. In the less than a minute you'll have a custom sounding wave from the possibilities offered with the FM control all under simple control. With modulation you can create soft and beautifully morphing melodies or harsh and gritty leads. Extra sculpting comes from a waveshaper offering wavefolding style modulation of the waveform as well as stereo and modulation control and dimension expansion to place the sound perfectly in your mix. 

Lush Synth Strings

  • Using Ableton's Tension physical modelling synth we’ve modelled the complexities of a plucked string sound. With control over the impact (how hard the string is struck/plucked) we can create delicate soft notes or harder thicker string sounds. All the FX you'll need are here - delay, reverb, FX modulation - to create ethereal ambient plucks or gritty ringing strings. 

Major 10 Lead

  • The quintessential electronic lead. Adding a second oscillator tuned up a major 10th (major 3rd up an octave) we’ve recreated one of the classic lead sounds - but with the addition of a Sub and Fifth Oscillators for full chord stabs. Detune, Filter and multiple FX parameters offer incisive sound control.

Pad Designer

  • The perfect tool to sculpt your own custom pads. A clever mix of Waveform Level control alongside FM and Unison/Detune FX make it easy to craft full and lush pads in no time. Multiple Envelope controls, Filter Tone and Amplitude Modulation deliver even more shaping and movement possibilities. 

Pad Designer FX 

  • Designed specifically to add another dimension to the Pad Designer synth - although not restricted to it - the Pad Designer FX adds High Pass Filter, Panel, Tonal Shaping, Noise, and FX parameters alongside two stages of Distortion to take the sound processing to the next level. 

​​Supersaw Pad

  • Fat, stacked, rich and warm: the Supersaw Pad is a quick way to add  fat and wide synths sound into your mix. FX, Filtering, Noise and Detune controls offer instant shaping possibilities to help the pads its in any mix.

Supersaw Stabs

  • Huge sounds are a breeze with Supersaw Stabs. Basses, leads and chord hits are crafted with ease thanks to Detune, Octave Select and Filter controls. The Attack parameters adds a pitch envelope for to deliver a sharp transient smack to the front of each note. 

Download Contains:

  • 10 x Ableton Synth Instruments

Please Note: Ableton Live 9 Suite is needed to use this product.

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