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Ableton Magic Racks: Creative FX

Ableton Racks by Sample Magic

Take your FX creation and manipulation to the next level with the third instalment of our best-selling Ableton Magic Racks series.  Creative FX offers five unique racks designed for intricate FX processing with the most intuitive of macro controls.

Each rack has been expertly built to cater to the demands of modern electronic music producers - rigorously tried, tested and tweaked to offer pure sonic stimulation on beats, bass, synths, vocals and FX.

Built solely using Ableton’s native tools, each rack utilises complex processing chains to offer highly flexible, powerful and dance-tailored FX tools that will become indispensable for creating memorable builds, breaks, atmospheres, textures and fills. Each rack has eight macro knobs to control custom multi-band compressors, parallel processing, saturation, reverbs, filters, delays and gates to optimise tracks for the dancefloor.

But customisation is also key, and all racks are fully-editable - open them up, tweak parameters, change routings, swap in and out tools - so they fit your workflow seamlessly.

Compiled by Live power-user and SM stalwart Hedflux, Magic Racks: Creative FX is an essential tool for in-the-box producers wanting to inject energy and tension into their tracks.

What's Inside

SM_Glitch Machine

  • Glitch, twist, stutter and smash any sound in endless combinations. Designed for maximum sonic destruction and limitless loop variations, Glitch Machine combines looping and stuttering effects to transform even the most dry and lifeless sounds into highly dynamic FX tools.  Employing a string of beat repeats alongside three unique distortion processes - plus custom granular ‘pitch drops’ and ‘liquid delay’ functions - it will bring energy and sonic detail into any mix.

SM_Mouth Mixer

  • Add specific vowel-sound oral resonance to any sound. The Mouth Mixer gives you access to all the vowels of the human voice: A E I O OE U.  Mix the effected signal in with the dry signal and sweep through the A E I O OE U formant spectrum to give your source material that oral resonance. With additional controls such as formant filter, vowel shape, vowel distortion and smear, you can dial in very specific resonant shapes. There is also a Dry Filter for rolling off the high and mid frequencies in the dry signal to allow more headroom for the processed signal.

SM_ Multi-Band Mangler

  • Add crunch, warmth, dirt or high-end detail to drums, bass or synths. The Multi-Band Mangler splits the frequency into three bands (low, mid and high) at customisable crossover points.  Each band has compression and distortion controls, allowing you to add anything from subtle saturation to full-on dirt and grit within precision frequency ranges.  The distortion effects are carefully customised to give a unique flavour of harmonic saturation in each of the three bands. Use on bass, leads, and drums for adding some extra crunch, or emphasising the mid- and high-range detail. 


  • A one-stop shop atmospheric textures, rhythmic layer and spot FX. Built with the aim of providing eight independent effects for psychedelic sound-design, automation and live performance, the Psychedelizer is a sound-transforming powerhouse. With controls such as Pitch Spray, Spectral Filter, Vapour Filter and Bubblise, you can turn any sound source into crystalline filaments, grains, dust, bubbles and beyond. The Analog Lo Pass gives a dirty, driven sound, while the Pitch Up enables you to create effortless build-ups and sweeps out of any source material. The rack is topped off with a lush Dub Delay for rhythmic emphasis and a Crunchy Pong - a uniquely modulated ping-pong delay effect to melt sounds into the abyss.  

SM_Ultra Delay

  • The ultimate delay FX tool utilising five delays in unison. With four independently filtered delays and a grain delay operating in different timing ratios, Ultra Delay offers lush meandering dub-style delays with Feedback, Pitch, Grainsize and Filtering controls, plus a unique Evapor8 parameter that causes the rhythmic delays to diffuse into cloud of sound swirling around the stereo field. Although the macros don’t offer any control over the delay times, the 5 delays combine to produce filtered echoes on every musical sub-division, so all timings are present in the effected sound.

Download Contains

  • 5 x Ableton Racks
  • 15-page digital booklet containing introduction, installation and operation instructions

Please Note: Ableton Live 9 is needed to use this product.

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