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Library of the Extreme – Blasts & Fills

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Unparalleled Brutality.

An unequalled display of extreme musicianship from one of the premier drummers in modern metal.

Ever felt like having one of the worlds best metal drummers a mouse click away, at your beck and call, 24/7? Enter Dirk Verbeuren (Soilwork, Scarve, Aborted) and the Library of the Extreme – Blasts & Fills; a collection of more than 1,000 individually played MIDI files, executed with such a razor-blade perfection and ingenious brutality that it will hit you like a 20 ton wrecking ball of sheer metal.

This library is undoubtedly your one-stop shop when looking to have world-class, impossible-to-program blast beats and fills only seconds away!


  • Performed by Dirk Verbeuren
  • All material is categorized by style, BPM and leading instrument
  • Both straight and triplet variations available

System Requirements

  • Works with EZdrummer, EZdrummer 2 and Superior Drummer 2 (optimized for 1 kick, 1 snare, 1 tom, 1 floor tom, 2 crash cymbals, 1 ride cymbal).

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