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Distortion by BeatSkillz

Scott yahney
“Valvesque is my new go-to plugin for that Classic British Tone! Deep Saturation/Distortion coupled with a great EQ section. wonderful classic sound re-imagined!!
Scott Yahney (Producer). New York producer, writer and keyboard player.

Valve Distortion EQ - "The Classic British Sound"

Stereo Valve (Tube) Distortion EQ. The plugin models the sound of British Valve Distortion found on major hit records of today, and also features a Varislope Equalizer for always musically pleasing sound. Made with our proprietery Reactive Transients Technology. 


The “warmth” and “crunch” that certain great valve gear brought to classic recordings is still missed today. Although many companies have tried to emulate classic valve hardware, we felt that we still needed to reach out to our hardware outboard for “that sound!”

We were after that Classic British Distortion Valve Sound produced by the 5654 valve based equipment. Finally we decided to embark on the difficult journey of trying to emulate and get the sound signature of one of our favorite pieces of valve gear. In order to do this we needed to start from scratch. So we went a little back in time, much like the gear, and found a unique mathematical system to model our classic hardware, including all its detailed non-linearities. This modeling technology was then further designed and implemented by our team to measure how different transients “react” to valve gear.

Reactive Transients Technology (RTT)

With 6 modes of Distortion A (TRIODE) and another 6 modes of Distortion B (PENTODE), this plugin can give you many different colors and flavors of distortion from soft and warm to edgy and crunchy. Push this plugin and it will “bite” back ! Further shape your sound with The Varislope Equalizer Section of the Plugin.


Distortion Types A (Triode) & B (Pentode)

  • MODES 1 through 6 For Dist A & B:
  • Mode 1 has a smoother tone and upon moving towards mode 6 the tone becomes “edgier” resulting in more “breakup” of the sound. Both A & B Distortion types have different characteristics on all 6 modes.
  • Input Gain drives the signal harder into the valve circuit dialing in more distortion.
  • Stereo Link switch enables the channel link mode for the 2 channels.

Varislope Equalizer

  • The Bass Boost control gives a continuous control over the amount of bass using a unique ‘varislope’ curve which peaks at 65Hz.
  • The Bass Cut is a high pass filter which turns into a shelving type curve that will also increase in frequency as the switch is advanced.
  • The ‘MID/HF’ boost control gives a bell type curve with variable gain peaking at either 2.5KHz / 4KHz or a ‘varislope’ curve peaking at 12KHz, all selected by the frequency select switch.
  • The ‘MID CUT’ control provides a bell type curve centred at 1KHz with continuous control over the amount of cut.
  • These controls are intended to interact with the other EQ controls for a very flexible control over the entire frequency range.
  • The ‘LPF’ or low pass filter switch control will allow the high frequencies to be cut at a frequency suitable to stop harsh sounding harmonics standing out when excessive distortion is used,smoothing the resulting sound.

Makeup Gain & Output LED's

  • The Output Gain can be used to balance the signal, reduce it when driving the input gain harder, and increase it for lower level signal.
  • The LED 3 color lights depict signal strength( off, green , yellow)and clipping (red)

System Requirements

Plugin Formats

  • VST/AU/AAX (64 Bit /32 Bit)


  • Windows XP SP2 or later 
  • Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Screen Resolution: 1024×768
  • VST2,AAX 32-bit or 64-bit host


  • OSX 10.6.8 or later
  • AMD Athlon 64 or equivalent
  • 300 MB HD
  • Screen resolution: 1024×768
  • VST2, AU, or AAX 32-bit or 64-bit host

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