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32-bit / 64-bit

Talkie Box 2

Vocal Processing by Digital Brain Instruments

Talkie Box is a standalone software developed for audio post-production purposes. It allows processing in real-time your voice to emulate walkie-talkie, radio or telephone sound effects.

Design your own background noise and voice effects with this user-friendly tool for sound designers and game audio.

  • Real-Time Audio Processing
  • Microphone Input
  • Audio Player Input
  • Walkie Talkie, Radio & Telephone Emulation
  • Sampler: Up-to 6 Preloaded Radio Samples
  • Telephone Dial Samples'Morse Code Generator
  • Fine Tuneing Emulation
  • Master FX Rack
  • Dry/Wet Recoding: Batch Processing 
  • Includes Presets
  • Input & Outpt Routing to DAW or Audio Editor
  • MIDI Matrix: Control Talkie Box via MIDI Device
  • Keyboard Shortcuts

Main Features


  • 1 Microphone.
  • Audio Player. Play any file from your computer. Loop playback mode.

Walkie Talkie Emulation

Includes distortion, 3-Band Parametric EQ, High Pass, Low Pass, Bandstop and Resonance filters.

Radio & Telephone Emulation

Limit your frequency bandwidth. Includes 3-Band Parametric EQ, Resonance & Bandpass filters.

Dial Pad: Telephone Dial Pad. Create your own dialling sounds sequence.

Noise Laboratory

Design your own radio background noise and interferences sounds. Up to 6 different noise signals. Control FM Gen parameters via XY Pad. HP Filter, LP Filter & 3-Band Parametric EQ.

Noise Lab Sampler:  Once the desired background noise signal has been designed, is possible to trigger this noise signal as a sample via Noise Pad. Triggering envelope designer included.

Convolution Lab

Design your own voice noisy sounds. Add some noise and bad reception sounds to your voice. Input signal is convolved trough different noisy sound signals. Up to 6 different noisy sound signals. Control FM Gen parameters via XY Pad. Includes a 3-Band Parametric EQ.

Pre-Listen mode: It allows to listen the noise signal generated signal before the convolution process and can also be used as a second Noise Laboratory, like a background noise generator.

Input depending mode available: Activate or deactivate the convolution lab sound depending the input level. For example, you can create some noisy voice sounds and activate them only when the input level is high, so you will only hear these sounds only when y is louder, creating some interesting and realistic effects.


Up to 6 pre-loaded radio & walkie-talkie sounds available. Load any sample from your computer; triggering envelope designer. Includes a 3-Band Parametric EQ.

Morse Code Test Tone Generator

Generate your own Morse Code messages.


Fine tunning emulation (AFC)


Add some extra distortion by reducing sample rate at output stage.

Master FX Rack

Includes 2 VST/AU plugin sections, 5-Band Parametric EQ, HPF and LPF.


WAV or AIFF files. Up to 192kHz / 32 Bits (depending your soundcard). Simultaneously dry/wet output signal recording mode available.

Batch Processing: Process and record a bunch of files in just 2 clicks.

Preset Manager

Includes presets. Create your own presets. Store and recall the whole session data.

MIDI Matrix

Control Voxpat via your midi device.

Input & Output Routing

Play and record audio from any DAW/Audio Editor.

Keyboard Shortcuts

For better and faster user experience.

System Requirements


  • Windows 7 or later
  • Multicore Processor
  • Minimum 2GB RAM


  • Intel Machine Running OSX 10.7 or later 
  • Minimum 2gb RAM

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