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Objeq Delay is everything a virtual delay effects plugin should be . . . PLUS unique features that only Applied Acoustics Systems could deliver — combining a filter and acoustic resonators (objects) with a delay unit. This provides users with a wider palette of effects, timbres, and tones with crisp clarity. Repeats (from a tight slap-back to infinite) are free of the exponential mud that drag many units down. The interface is inviting and reveals a simple, yet effective signal/work-flow.

Favourite Things:

  • Easy purchase, install, and authorisation
  • Clear, concise, well-written .pdf user manual for reference, but probably not needed.
  • Neat, clean interface
  • Intuitive preset management system
  • Small digital footprint (about 10MB) with super low CPU hit (meter barely moves)
  • Inspiring
  • Musical
  • Simple, yet powerful
  • Cool developers
  • Unique features to justify purchase

Other Thoughts:

  • The Objects provided are sensational, but I’m greedy and want more!
  • Scalable interface?


In addition to the pristine quality and all the things an electronic musical wizard would desire, this unit boasts features that set it apart. Nowadays, it’s easy to find virtual delay that will sync to tempo, ping pong, slap-back, etc.; however, this plugin shines is in it’s ability to combine a filter and acoustic objects with a delay. Even if another company released a plugin with this combination, it’s unlikely they would do a better job at the modelling segment than AAS. How many electric piano plugins compare with Lounge Lizard? Objeq is perfect for anyone looking for a distinctive delay that is musical, inspiring, and sui generis (I recently learned this word and this is a perfect place to use it). I give this fine effect an affectionate double thumbs up — Love it! Thank you, Applied Acoustics Systems, for developing this effects gem!

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