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Softube Metal Amp Room review over at Pro Audio

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in this plugin that aren’t straight metal. I’ve gotten some great Marshall clean tones.

I like that there is the option for multiple mics and a phase invert switch in Metal Amp Room. It’s pretty authentic the way they interact.

I wish Vintage Amp Room had options for multiple mics. This is really a powerful feature. These plugins are a great training tool for guitar amp micing.

I tested the Metal and Vintage Amp Room with a variety of guitars including a American Standard Strat, Reissue Tele, Les Paul Standard and a Rickenbacker 12 string.

I placed a variety of effects in-front of it including aa Effectrode Tube Drive, Fulltone OCD, Fulltone Deja Vibe, Van Amps Sole Mate, Teese Wah and a Prescription Electronics Experience fuzz.

I think that one could buy this plugin and not beat themselves up because they don’t have a real amp. It may not feel 100% like a real amp, but it comes close enough that your faith in humanity won’t be shaken. Actually, it comes much closer than that. I just like to be dramatic.

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