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Positive Grid BIAS Pedal Distortion review by MusicRadar

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There are scores of drive, boost, distortion and fuzz pedals on the market, from basic stompers to hand-wired boutique and modded curios.

Now, Positive Grid aims to bring the wide world of drive to its BIAS range of software modellers with new offering, BIAS Pedal.

Positive Grid has gone for the über drive nerds here, allowing you to change parameters and components within any pedal, mimic classic designs and even model your own stompboxes. It's any solder-shy pedal nut's dream!

If you've been too scared to open up your drive pedals to see what makes them tick, now you can have a go without risking your precious boutique circuit boards.


  • Great emulation of a treasure trove of sounds.


  • A bit niche.

Our Verdict

Any players with a head for endless pedal tweaking should definitely give this a whirl.

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