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Today I’m checking out “Vintage Horns” which is made by the same label that produced “Vintage Vibe”

If you like soulful, organic, warm, and a little bit of grit to your horn sections, check this one out.

So What is Vintage Horns?

The concept behind this library is to create a collection of horns to let you quickly capture the vibe of old Philly, Memphis, and Detroit soul, as well as other familiar horn section sounds from the 60’s and 70’s

Not only do you get individual instruments, but you also get ready to go multi patches which let you quickly pull up and play sections that deliver the sound from these various regions and styles.

If you want orchestral horn sections this isn’t it, but if you want Soul, Funk, and Jazzy sounding sections you may want to go ahead and take a look at this one.

How Does It Sound?

If you like warm organic sounding horn sections this is something to consider.

I really dig the flutes personally, but the sax and trumpets sound good as well.

I think in terms of the solo instruments the flutes sound the best, but when you start loading up the multi patches and playing them all together, things start to get really cool.

I like that they are all setup in “style” or “region” based grouping with programming and effects to give you the particular sound it’s aimed at.

Philly sounds like the Philly soul records, same for the Latin, Detroit, Oakland, and others.

Overall it’s got a great sound, not too clean, which works great depending on what type of music you create.

So What’s the Bottom Line?

When I did a review on “Vintage Vibe” I felt the addition of some nice flutes or horn sections would really round out the library, well this library has all that and I feel it is a great companion to the Vintage Vibe library.

Even without that, this library stands on it’s own for a nice soulful horn sound?


I give Vintage Horns a 4 out of 5, I think it’s a solid soul horn library that delivers a specific sound that many will find useful.

If you’re a fan of 60’s and 70’s soul music, specifically the horn sections, then this is something to consider adding to your toolbox.

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