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Toontrack Metal Amps EZMix Pack review at MusicRadar

Very little fills up your time quite like mixing: balancing levels, altering EQs, adding effects... it can get tedious, fast. Fortunately, Toontrack saw fit to speed up the whole process with its EZMix 2 plug-in, which offers a range of presets ready-made for mixing, with no further adjustment required.

It has found favour with the likes of Misha Mansoor, while a range of expansion packs now cover more specialist sounds, from producers such as Andy Sneap to genre-specific presets - and that's where the Metal Amps Pack fits in.


  • 50 presets. 
  • Tones are high quality and ready to go.


  • By nature, it's a limited set.

Our Verdict

For demos, and even the occasional tone in a pro-quality production, here's all the heavy you need.

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