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Sinevibes Fraction review by MusicRadar

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Heaps of fun from this creative new plugin

Sinevibes' take on the ever-popular loop-slicing and repeating effect, Fraction (AU) is remarkably easy to use.

It operates over a 2-, 4- or 8-bar loop with the incoming audio displayed as a waveform divided into eight slices, each of which is then processed independently. The placement of each slice start point defaults to being evenly spaced on a quadruplet or triplet basis, but they can be shifted manually along the waveform and even cross over.


  • Easy to use. 
  • Great results. 
  • Versatile effects. 
  • Unconventional modulation. 
  • Great presets.


  • No dry/wet mix. 
  • Needs better colour-coding.

Our Verdict
A shopping list of obvious suggestions for improvement can't detract from the fine results delivered by this superb slicer.

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