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Sugar Bytes' new synth is a semimodular beast that embodies the company's unorthodox approach to plugin design and puts deep modulation at the top of the feature list.

Far from your standard virtual analogue fare, Factory's (VST/AU/AAX/Standalone) two identical main oscillators offer a selection of ten wave-generating models, each populating the panel underneath the selection menu with its own knobs and menus.

The models range from synced square and saw stacks to phase mod, granular sampling and wavetable engines (PWM, Sync, Formant and Drone), and between them deliver an extraordinary array of highly editable raw tones, with the straightforward controls positively inviting real-time manipulation and modulation.

The main oscillators are supplemented by a sub oscillator (sine or square wave, tracking either main oscillator or ring modulating the two), and a noise oscillator with five colour options. All four oscillators are independently routable to a resonant filter (11 modes, including 2-, 4- and 8-pole low-pass, Midboost, Comb and Vowel) and plumbed through a Drive module with Tube, Diode and Sine algorithms, and an optional high-quality mode.


  • Powerful, interesting oscillators.


  • No numerical mod depth display.

Our Verdict:
An innovative, esoteric synth that's still easy to use and quick, Factory is one that sound designers and modulation nuts will love.

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