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The Bontastic! Voyage

Soundiron’s Bontastic! Vintage Organ Series is modelled after the Bontempi B4 Electronic Table organ. Bontastic! offers two instruments, a chord organ and ambience. The first instrument, (the chord organ), features a drop down menu offering several articulation settings: sustains, staccatos, major & minor chord sustains/staccatos and a sound FX setting. The second instrument, ambience, is exactly what it says it is; lush, ambient, evolving pads. Ambience’s drop down menu is stocked with 38 presets, all of which, are pretty great and useful right out of the box. To further expand the image and texture, SoundIron provides users with many parameters to achieve their desired sound.

The Main Display

The main display has separate knobs to modify volume, attack, release, offset, vibrato and octave. Of these modifiable parameters, the octave and offset seem to easily create more desirable timbres. The offset knob applies more attack to the signal being played and the octave adds additional octaves above and below the notes you play. Also, Bontastic! features a glide slider that creates a mono portamento effect, useful for solo legato lines or retro risers.

Under the Hood

More settings are found when you click on the Bontastic! logo. Here you’ll find LFO, FILTER and ARP settings. The LFO section provides your typical waveforms (sine, square, triangle, sawtooth, random) assignable to your choice of volume, bass, treble, pitch, pan. resonance or frequency. You can get some cool textures and widen up your image within this section. The filter section provides a drop down menu to thirteen filter types, but mainly six notable, low pass, high pass, notch, peak, formant and phaser. After you select your preferred filter you can select the source from which you would like to control the filter from the source drop down menu. Default is controlled by the mod wheel. The arpeggiator function is pretty straight forward and allows for some basic to intricate rhythmic textures. Use LFO, FILTER and ARP together to tap into some truly spacey vibes.


If I had to sum up Bontastic! in one word, that word would be “fun.” Keep in mind that this is modelled after a small, low priced, plastic-cased, reed organ. If you’ve got the time to play with all of the parameters, you can definitely get some unique retro and futuristic timbres out this flexible instrument. It’s good,clean fun and depending on how much budget you’ve set aside for software recreations of childish, plastic instruments, it may be worth picking up.

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