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Mozaic Beats AutoTheory PRO by Dubspot

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In this music software review, we look at AutoTheory PRO by Mozaic, an innovative standalone plugin that gives musicians the ability to master music theory and play any instrument in perfect key using any DAW.

AutoTheory PRO is a revolutionary new application that gives musicians the power to play any instrument in perfect key with any DAW. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, this software will empower anyone with the ability to play complex chords and melodies in perfect key quickly and easy without knowing any music theory. Equipped with either a MIDI keyboard or your computer QWERTY keyboard, you can control up to eight instruments in any DAW with unparalleled versatility.

Aimed to let anyone with a desire to create music with confidence, AT-P is armed with multiple patented technologies to bring users an arsenal of corrective and workflow enhancing features.

Chord Generator
The Chord Generator allows users to play through a variety of chord types in their set key and scale. Once a key and scale are defined, the correlating chords automatically map accordingly on the left side octaves of your keyboard. In addition, there are plenty of options to edit individual tones within each chord.

Chord Editor
The Chord Editor feature allows users to edit each chord on a step by step basis, allowing for a totally open-ended approach to chord design. Create extended chords by adjusting the step on/off buttons, take chords out of scale with the step accidental parameters, and create any type of inversion or voicing imaginable with the step octave parameters.

Chord Memory
The Chord Memory function reveals more advanced controls over creating chord progressions and can be used in place of the Chord Generator. It allows users to predefine a chord progression loop that will influence the behavior of the Melody Lock. This feature is very helpful in the Chord Tones and Dynamic Scale mappings when you are trying to compose a melody over a preexisting chord progression.

Melody Lock
The Melody Lock dynamically generates tones within each chord played on the Chord Generator. This feature arranges the seven scale tones in different configurations based upon the selected mapping. Beginner users can use guided mappings that allow them to keep their fingers in the same position while chord tones are moved to those locations while mappings for more advanced users keep tones in static and natural positions. In addition, users can play through them naturally or arpeggiate the tones with an intuitive Arp Mode.

MIDI Outputs
The MIDI Outputs allow users to control up to eight instruments in the DAW of their choice. The Chord Generator and Melody Lock each have four outputs with options to send the whole chord, just the root, or octave adjustments to give users an unmatched tool to control multiple instruments.

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