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Loopmasters VIBES Vol 4 - Outlaw County review by Future Music Magazine

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Welcome to Outlaw Country. It's the 1970s and the spurs are a-jingling and steel guitars strumming. This is music with a bite, outta Texas and Tennessee, for hard drinkers and ass kickers. Part rock 'n' roll, part honky tonk, all attitude. Perfect, then, if you're looking for some loops with twang, spit, and grit. As with other sets in the Vibes series, Loopmasters has drafted in top session players to lay down the musical construction kits for you to pick apart. The whopping 5GB+ of content (that's 40 tracks!) is bursting with outlaw country flavour - fiddle licks, big bashy drums, plinky plonk piano, steady bass and lots and lots of wailin' gee-tars. Tempos start at 80 and accelerate up to 135 BPM, so when it all starts kicking off, they've got your back. Forget that cheery Nashville nonsense - this is bad boy music.

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