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Eventide UltraTap Review at Audio Plugin Guy

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The team at Eventide recently released Ultratap, their new multi-tap delay-and-more type effect. We dove right in to see what it did and discovered one of our new favourite plugins! Watch our video as we take you through every parameter on this amazing creative plugin.

For a plugin that technically has a fairly narrow and specific job, Ultratap has a wider variety of uses than you might imagine. As a mix tool it can be your go-to rhythmical delay and be as subtle or as in-your-face as you like, using the TAPER, TONE and SLURM to blend the effect into your track as desired. On the other hand, Ultratap makes a great sound design tool/instrument as you begin to fiddle with some of the other parameters and link them to the control ribbon to ‘play’ the effect in interesting ways.

Definitely worth having in the toolbox.

Audio Plugin Guy Ratings

  • Sound Quality - 5/5 Stars
  • Ease of Use - 5/5 Stars
  • Interface - 5/5 Stars
  • Presets - 5/5 Stars
  • Value for Money - 5/5 Stars
  • Use of Slurm - 5/5 Stars  


Based on the fact that this tool does what it needs to so perfectly, it's a rare full marks! This is a unique enough take on a multi-tap delay at the just the right price break to make it a must have for mixers and sound designers who desire this kind of effect. It's definitely one we'll be using a lot.

Overall Rating

5/5 Stars!

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