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2nd Sense Audio ReSample review by MusicRadar

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Here comes another audio editor…

With every DAW on the market capable of relatively advanced manipulation and in-place processing of samples, the role of the audio editor has changed dramatically over the last two decades. 

While expensive dedicated tools such as WaveLab, Peak and Sound Forge used to be a must for every computer musician, now they’re largely the reserve of mastering, dialogue and post-production engineers. For the average music producer, a standalone audio editor might have its occasional uses, but these days it’s considered by many an unnecessary expense. 

With the focused and affordable ReSample, then, 2nd Sense Audio is hoping that a combination of low price and streamlined UI/workflow will bring the audio editor back into the mainstream. 


  • Easy to use.
  • Built-in processors are good.
  • Comprehensive export options.
  • MacBook Pro Touch Bar support.


  • Only one processor at a time.
  • A few interface annoyances.
  • Quite buggy.

Our Verdict
It’s handsome, smooth and easy to use, but ReSample falls flat for its woefully inadequate processing workflow and general bugginess.

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