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KV331 Audio SynthMaster One review at MusicRadar

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This new synth aims to make programming wild wavetable-based patches a cinch.

A less complicated offshoot from its flagship SynthMaster 2.8, KV331’s SynthMaster One is two-oscillator polyphonic wavetable synth with a single-screen interface that keeps (almost) everything in reach at all times. 

Generally speaking, it’s about as beginner-friendly as a serious synthesiser can be - which is to say, it’s a lot more beginner-friendly than its big brother but will still be totally intimidating to anyone who’s never used one before. That’s not a criticism; it’s an inevitability with any synth that isn’t deliberately dumbed down, which SynthMaster One certainly isn’t...


  • Powerful wavetable oscillators.
  • Intuitive GUI makes programming easy.
  • Gorgeous filters.
  • High-quality effects.
  • Great price.


  • Phase knob is confusing.
  • Only one of each effect per instance.
  • No proper manual yet.

Our Verdict:
With dual wavetable oscillators, stunning filters and fast-paced interface, SynthMaster One sounds fantastic and stays out of your way while you work!

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