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Eventide Physion review by MusicRadar

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Breaking the mould…

The first in what looks to be a new line from audio processing pioneer Eventide, Physion (VST/AU/AAX) is a transient design plugin that innovates in two areas: the technology used to separate the transient of the input signal from the ‘tail’, and the processing subsequently applied to both. 

The story behind the first of these, dubbed Structural Effects, is discussed in the box out later on in this review. As for the second, boosting, attenuating and soloing transients and tails - which are separated into two discrete audio streams, called Transient and Tonal - is only the tip of Physion creative iceberg. 

It also offers a discrete effects module for each stream, enabling, for example, the crack of a snare drum to be treated to a delay, while the body is run through a reverb, with no crossover whatsoever between the two; or for auto-panning to be worked into the decay portion of a keyboard line while the attack of the sound stays central; or retuning the sustain of a tom tom in isolation... you get the idea.


  • Effects algorithms are beautiful.
  • Splitting Transient and Tonal is a snap.
  • Does straight-up transient shaping, too.
  • Good artist preset library.


  • Only one effect per stream.
  • Can’t route streams to separate outputs.
  • Our Verdict:

With its innovative Structural Effects splitting algorithm and stunning signal processors, Physion is a brilliant plugin for both corrective and creative manipulation.

Read the full review over at MusicRadar.

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