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AudioThing Frostbite review by Synth Anatomy

Winter Time is the season where you can find normally snow but can you also add some snow and winter feelings to your music? AudioThing Frostbite offers this and the possibility to create soundscapes and atmospheric freezings.

What is AudioThing Frostbite?

Frostbite is a multi-effect plugin featuring a Ring Modulator, a Feedback (Delay) and Freeze Module. The developer describes the plugin as a product great for ambience and cinematic music but you can also use it for extreme sonic experiments.

My Verdict

The flexible routing system behind Frostbite offers you a big playroom for experiments and unusual sounds. Also, the possibility to activate individual modules, don’t give you a strict architecture and invite you to try out the different possibilities.

In my hours of tests, I was able to create wonderful soundscapes only using a single Synthesizer lead sound and also to create so extreme bizarre things.

The ring modular module offers something dirty and harsh the plugin. If you use only the modules: Freeze and Feedback you can great very nice soundscapes because you can freeze you audio signal up to 25 seconds. Extremely useful for standing sounds. If you use more and more the ring modulator module, you sound become very special and harsh.

In my video review, you can hear the special sound the combination of all three modules. Here the ring modulator module is dominant in the sound. Also very useful in this plugin is the random feature on the top of the plugin GUI. This feature offers instantly new sound creations by pressing it. “The lottery of sounds”, one click you like the results, the next one you don't like it.

For a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of 35 Euro, the plugin offers a lot of amazing sound possibilities and gives you a lot of playroom in your sound dreams.

If you search a special effect plugin for your track which isn’t normal and usable for every musician outside, check out Frostbite from AudioThing. Many plugins on the market offer also the possibilities to create soundscapes but after you have read the manual. What is great here: you can try out immediate the plugin, turn some parameters or easier, you press the random button for directly new sounds. It is a plugin for every level of musician. Great developed plugin for a very fair price. 

Hint: I don’t test yet but maybe try a combination of Frostbite and a Guitar. I can imagine that this combo sounds awesome.

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