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Mozaic Beats AutoTheory PRO review by MusicRadar

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Reason 'MIDI Mapper' Goes Standalone.

Debuting in late 2013 as a Rack Extension for Reason, Mozaic Beats' AutoTheory is now available as a standalone app for PC and Mac.

A 'MIDI mapper' designed to make it easy to create quality compositions, it intercepts MIDI data from your keyboard and passes it to your DAW's MIDI inputs in the form of chords and melodies based on your chosen key and scale.


  • Broad appeal, from beginner to pro. 
  • Highly configurable. 
  • 'Strum mode' emulates guitar strumming. 
  • Helpful online documentation. 
  • Clean, uncluttered GUI.


  • Initial setup can be fiddly.

Our Verdict:

While it doesn't totally demystify music theory, AutoTheory does make it easier to produce harmonically-pleasant tunes.


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