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In the run-up to the release of this software synthesiser, what did not already read for tirades in the relevant forums - and that's just because Sugar Bytes decided to use the term "wobble" in the same breath as the plugin. And all it takes is a single LFO to make a synthesiser wobble, and that's what about 99 percent of all synthesisers in this sector of the orbit are already on board anyway. Whether the Klang-Zyklop from the Berlin software company has earned all the excitement, we have tested.


At its core, Cyclop is no more or less than a monophonic subtractive synthesiser that can be either stand-alone or as a VST / AU / RTAS / AAX plug-in on PC and Mac. All sounds are based on vibrations provided by two freely connectable oscillators that can operate on six different synthesis models ( Saw Regiment , Analog Sync , FM , Transformer , Spectromat , Phase Stressor ). The tonal finish you missed the sound blank in the two separate filters that can be equipped with ten filter models.

The acoustic afterburner is ignited in the completely step sequencer-controllable effects section. Here are a total of 32 different effects from the best-known assorted arsenal of Sugar Bytes (including Pitch Looper , Vinyl FX , Send FX and Gater) available, with four effects can be active at the same time. The sound generation is flanked by a separate distortion unit, a Sub Bass oscillator, a Subsonic amplifier and a stereo broadening.

The eye of the storm - respectively of the Cyclops - but are the modulation options and controls: The obvious here is the big "wobble knob". Its peculiarity is that you can each of its twelve positions with its own LFO waveform occupy, which is then beat synchronously in different metric divisors, fired. The twelve positions can be started directly with the hotkeys or triggered with the internal sequencer. In addition to the wobble button, the controls A / B-Amount, FX and Sound have their own Record / Play control and can be on the fly record. The fine adjustment of the parameter rides then takes place in the central edit window, where the data can be found in a grid representation. And before I forget it: A classic ADHSR Envelope envelope control, a mini-step sequencer and an adjustable glide mode are of course also on board.


Sugar Bytes remain true to their very own style with Cyclop - in terms of concept, functionality and user interface always a (deliberate) tick on the software mass market over steer. What the Berliners program often has a charming, nerdy-tattered twist and cyclopMake it no exception, but still on it: As cute and playful the Cyclops optically gives, he is a highly complex - in places complicated - synthesis and modulation monster, which, one would like to cause stomp off the eight hundred really successful presets, first wants to be understood and mastered. Three days of training are over the thumb for the professional - if you do not have any experience in synthesis, you should plan your annual leave. And it's worth it, because actually can be settled with cyclopDesigning sound objects that have the highest degree of acoustic life of their own. Anyone who makes use of all the possibilities of synthesis and modulation, but will also find that not everything that is technically feasible, also makes sense acoustically: If one tapes the sound object namely with too many or contradictory modulations and effects to go at some point the assertiveness lost - the old principle comes true: the brighter the sound, the better it gets through the mix.


With all modulations, the sounds morph, meander and crumble away, making it just such a pleasure - and not only the dubstep floor benefits from it. Or in other words: the cyclop is almost too good for wobbling- and probably too learning intensive. Rather, the plugin is particularly recommended for passionate synth-aficionados, who are not only on simple LFO tricks out (which are of course also feasible), but enjoy the production of highly complex, sometimes even unpredictable sounds. If that is still too factual, you can call up the integrated in the Edit window shooting game with real added value: Namely, each robot shot down causes a random change in the sound. A really extraordinary plugin, the price of which is more than adequate in view of the possibilities offered.

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