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Chord Sequencer

Consequence is undoubtedly a program that makes excellently chord-based sequences possible. The existing sound selection is good, but comparatively economical for today's conditions. The interface is clear and easy to understand.

It should not be forgotten that the version tested is the first edition. 

Therefore, I would like to make a small wish list for version 2.0 at this point:

  • Stand-alone version with sequencer track for pattern change and MIDI-Out.
  • Integration of own sample material.
  • Smoother control of VST instruments.
  • Pattern change via computer keyboard.
  • Repair the audio recorder.


Frankly speaking, I do not know any comparable tool in the software area. In terms of hardware, Yamaha QY series devices offer similar functionality in terms of chord play, but need to fit with modulation sequencing. The KORG Karma system is much more complex and, not least because of its availability, is not comparable with KORG instruments.


  • Concept.
  • Variability.
  • Storable arpeggio/step sequencer patterns.


  • Chords creator Chord creator very limited.
  • No different pattern lengths within a preset possible.
  • No chord storage via MIDI.
  • Audio recorder does not work.
  • MIDI control of VSTis or hardware synthesisers does not work in all host environments.

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