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A MIDI sequencer as a plug-in?

Thesys comes from Sugar Bytes, who have proven with their previous plugs how to develop interesting new tools apart from the standards.


Who Sugar Bytes ' MIDI Arpeggiator and Chord Sequencer Consequence knows how to handle Thesys quickly: In five horizontal rows pitch, velocity, gate time, performance and modulation of a pattern are determined, just paint with the mouse. The individual rows can have different lengths independently of each other (up to 32 steps), which allows rhythmic shifts. If you want, you can also link the individual sequences together so that they have the same length at the same time. The individual sequences can be moved step by step up, down right and left. In all five sequences also different directions of movement can be determined, in addition to Forward and Backward there is Random and the option to play every second, third or fourth step. Add to that the standards: Random and Mutate for variations. The sequences can be generated entirely in Thesys as well as recorded from external sources. All MIDI data is supported.

In the pitch sequence the pitch is determined and can also be transferred to a total of 34 different scales. Velocity stands for the volume of the steps and gate time for their length. In the performance, individual steps can be transposed up to two octaves, provided with twenty different pitch bend curves, as one of 54 chords play (where the root is the current pitch of the pitch sequence), or provided with a roll figure. There is also a column with random values ​​per step, which can be assigned to a specific parameter. Finally, in the modulation sequence, up to eight different MIDI controllers can be modulated simultaneously.


Producing complex musical structures is just the first part, but the whole thing gets really exciting with the playability of the patterns, which can be transposed in the range of two octaves. The transposition is done either strictly according to the pitch or in relation to the selected scale. In addition, you can manipulate them in the action section in real time: half tempo, slow down, gaten, loop parts of a sequence, re-trigger. Finally, the patterns (a pattern consists of the five individual sequences) can be controlled via the MIDI keyboard, which is possible in different quantisations and allows new variations. In addition, all other parameters are controllable via MIDI, so there are no control wishes open.

Own Sound Generation

Although Thesys is mainly intended as a MIDI sequencer for other instruments, it also has a simple, but quite neat-sounding own sound production, which can be edited via drop-down menu.


With Thesys, interesting sequences can be created in no time at all. These sequences are constantly evolving and require considerably more time and work in linear sequencers and DAWs, and are less fun. The surface is pleasant to read, has the right size even on smaller screens and always informs about all the parameters you just need. When used with a MIDI keyboard, Thesys becomes a Jamtool and if you spend a little bit of time on it, you can quickly "play" it without looking at the screen.


Thesys is not only a prolific sequencer for basslines, complex rhythms, pads, chords and more, but also a great source of ideas for new things and things that you might not have experienced before. Great for the studio and also as a live tool. It's worth it!

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