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Dawfreak review: BlueCat Audio - Energy Pack

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I’m back with a small review of the Energy Pack from Blue Cat audio. The plugins included in this bundle are Digital Peak Meter Pro, Dynamics, MB-5 Dynamix, MB-7 Mixer and Protector.

Digital Peak Meter Pro

The Digital Peak Meter Pro is an audio analysis tool that comes in mono and stereo format,
with flexible and customizable audio meters and side chain features that is possible thanks to its midi and automation Output.
the controls for Digital Peak Meter Pro are easy to understand and you get a very powerful analyses tool with features to combined the peak and RMS together, reversed, modified and recorded as automation curves .
With the Midi features in Digital Peak Meter Pro you can use it to create automation curves and real time side chain.

Dynamics plugin

The Blue cat Dynamics plugin is a multi processing plugin with compressor, limiter, gate, expander features and comes in mono and stereo format.
Dynamics has advanced features and all the controls needed to shape your audio file,
With its CA/Opto and Peak/RMS controls you have full control of the envelope detection.
I always loved these kind of all in one pluggins since I can control the audio file inside one plugin and that saves both time and CPU.
Working with the Dynamics is all about control, all from frequency-dependent compression, parallel compression, and side chaining can be done.
An additional brick wall limiter/clipper helps to protect the output for more control.
I did not notice any unwanted colouring of the audio.

MB-5 Dynamix

The Blue cat MB-5 Dynamix is a multiband dynamics processor that comes in mono and stereo format, and that can be used as multiband compressor, limiter, gate, expander, waveshaper or why not all at once.
With and integrated EQ curve
Once more we get all the goodies inside one plugin, and with great results.
Blue Cat Dynamix gives us control, great processing and no unwanted coloring of the audio. and to top that of an additional brick wall limiter/clipper helps to protect the output and gives even more control.

MB-7 Mixer

The Blue cat MB-7 Mixer is not your everyday multiband compressor, yet many of its features may look that way, Blue cat calls it a “unique plug-in that splits the signal into several frequency bands and lets you mix them as if they were separate tracks”.

The MB-7 Mixer that comes in mono and stereo format, and gives a new flavor to how you can control bands and EQ Curves.
Not only that! the MB-7 Mixer also comes in a so called Dual format witch basically lets you control EQ and frequency for Left and right separately, a strong fun and great feature.


Blue Cat’s Protector is a 0dB stereo brickwall limiter, and with a true Bite in it and offers a powerful side chain capability thanks to its MIDI CC output.

Impression and Conclusion

The Energy pack bundle from Blue cat is a nice Plugin suite, that offers some extra features for people who want control and great sound for a descent price.
The default GUI is not not the greatest but it has all you need and the metering inside the plugins is nice and clear.
Even though the default GUI is not the best a Cool feature with Blue cat plugins is that you can swap skins.
Looking at the price Blue cat Energy pack is set at 229 EUR and that is what you would normally pay for a suite like this.
You know I always hunger for presets and Blue cat did not meet up to what I normally want to se even at a price of 229 EUR, however one thing that I liked about the Blue cat plugins is that Blue cat offers tutorials on
This gives new users a good ground to start from and with no additional price and is good for the total value of the bundle.
Another good thing is that these plugins does not ad any unwanted coloring or distortions of the audio files.
The downside is that the controls is somewhat sensitive, so you have to be steady on the hand when adjusting settings.
A additional strength with the Blue Cat plugins is the advanced MIDI and automation output capabilities.

+ No coloring of the audio.
+ strong side chain features.
+ Great sounding plugins.
+ good value.
+ skins.
+ free tutorials.

- not the greatest default GUI.
- sensitive controls.
- Lack of presets.

 The verdict: 4 out of 5

From Dawfreak

Try before you buy

Download Blue Cat's MB-5 Dynamix trial version for free!

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