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This instrument has a vast selection of synthesized bass, lead and even percussive sounds that would work great in Bass EDM productions and even more cinematic epic stuff if you need to add in some low hybrid elements.

Rob Papen’s SubBoomBass II is a revised and updated version of their super popular bass synth instrument. There have been some new features and functionality added, but the biggest update is the overhaul of the user interface, where it is now easier to navigate so that you can speed up your bass production workflow.

Its new features are additional waveforms added to the synth, such as the physical string modelling Karplus-Strong waveform and an XY Screen with a new pattern mode

Other features that have been carried over:

  • Easy mode for quick manipulations of sounds
  • 2 Oscillators with now up to 128 waveforms to choose from
  • 2 Filters with 20 types available
  • A Modulation Matrix with basic and advanced modes
  • 2 independent effect units with 29 effects to choose from


This instrument has a vast selection of synthesized bass, lead and even percussive sounds that would work great in Bass EDM productions and even more cinematic epic stuff if you need to add in some low hybrid elements. As the name suggests it for the low-end register sounding instruments. So all your low, deep, synth sounding instruments.

This updated version really has had some nice changes and updated added. The first being the overhauled new, simpler to navigate user interface. It’s much cleaner now and you can easily see where all the different sections and parameters are. The parameters and text were very small in the previous version. The text is still slightly small now on the presets, but overall, much better.

Included is a huge amount of presets to help you with finding the right sounds.

Also, if you jump to the Bank Manager view, you get a bigger view of all the presets, the different categories. Plus, you can mark some as favorites, and then easy find them in your favorites category.

With the two oscillators you have quite a selection of different waveforms including using the new Karplus-Strong waveforms. Now, other that your typical Saw, and Sine waveforms, you can also have a choice of some interesting percussive and string sounds.

A nice new addition to it is the XY Pad. You can assign LFOs and Envelopes to modulate other parameters and then you can view the movement of these on the XY pad.

The built-in sequencer is quite advanced in that it can be setup with some complex sequenced data. You can choose your standard Tune, Velocity and Slide amounts, but then you can also set the Osc 1, Osc 2, and Free amounts. So you have some extra customization with this step sequencer.

Where the previous version was quite busy in the UI design, with this they have nested the Sequencer, Karplus-String Window, ENV and LFO, Mod Matric and XY Pad into one section, and you can just click the different buttons to jump to these sections. So, all in all much better handling of the user interface.

With the Mod Matrix you can choose up to 4 sources to Modulate. It does have a semi-modular environment to the instrument, which opens up some extra tweaking capabilities to this synth if you want to.

What’s also great is that it has quite a selection of effects you can choose from to add to the end of the chain. You have two effect slots, and a choice of 28 types of effects you can add in from delays, filters, distortions, through to reverbs and modulation effects. You can even further edit the effects by choosing source and destinations. So, for example, you could choose a waveshaper effect. Choose the source as the Mod Wheel, set the amount and then choose the FX mix as the destination. So when you move the Mod Wheel its changing the amount of waveshaping on the FX output. There is some interesting routing throughout this instrument, but especially on the effects section.

You can really choose how deep you want to go with this instrument. Either jump through the huge selection of usable presets on this instrument or create your own with the 2 x Oscillators with its selection of waveforms, and then use the available tools to modify the patch for example with the step sequencer, Envelopes, Filters, Effects or even the Modulation Matrix.

The new user interface makes it much easier to navigate, which also means finding the right sounds faster. And this is always a plus in your music productions. Overall, if you are making electronic music of any kind or looking for interesting or moving bottom end for cinematic tracks. SubBoomBass 2 will serve you well.


This is a synthesizer instrument that is compatible on Windows Vista/7/8/10 and up (32 and 64 bit) with VST and AAX plugin formats, and Mac 10.6 and up (32 and 64 bit) for AU, VST and AAX.

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