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Music Radar Review: Sinevibes Array

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Artemiy Pavlov's Sinevibes label has made a name for itself producing budget-priced, succinct plug-ins positioned at the more creative, experimental end of the market.

Artemiy's latest toy, the Mac-only Array, is a step sequencing multi-filter that takes a clever and potentially complicated concept and boils it down to a super-minimalist set of controls. Indeed, the bit of the manual that deals with operating the thing is just two pages long!

Array comprises a bank of eight parallel -36dB/octave resonant band-pass filters, each with its own output level control. The centre frequency of each filter can be set to up to double its lowest point - so, the first covers 20-40Hz, the second 60-120Hz, the third 240-480Hz and so on - apart from the eighth, which ranges from 12-16kHz.

However, what's important to note is that all eight can only be adjusted as a group (using the bottom left slider), rather than independently - the whole bank moves up and down as one entity. The same goes for the resonance, which can also only be set globally for all eight filters.

The filters are switched in and out (out meaning silence, rather than the dry signal bypassing the filter) by the up-to-32-step sequencer that dominates the interface. Steps are clicked in individually or 'painted', and the grid resolution can be set to a range of note divisions, from 1/4 to 1/64. Swing can also be applied, either for purely creative effect or to counter the inevitable transient glitches that occasionally crop up when slicing drum loops.

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Verdict: 4/5

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