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Audiaire Zone Review at Synth Anatomy

Audiaire Zone Is A New Powerful Parameter Sequencing Synthesizer Plugin!

In the new Zone Synthesizer plugin by Audiaire any parameter of the engine can be manipulated with unlimited sequencer lanes that opens a massive pool of new sounds!

Zone Synthesizer is here! Do not you know yet? No wonder the plugin was released today. Behind the plugin is the maker Sharooz Raoofi of the well-known companies Sample Magic and Attack Magazine. After he already published at Sample Magic software in the past, he founded now Audiaire. The first plugin release is called Zone and is a parameter sequencing Synthesizer that is based on wavetables.

Zone keeps up well with the competition (Massive, Serum…) and features a lot of high-quality functionalities: a huge catalogue of oscillator waveforms, import feature, oscillator modulation modes (FM, ring modulation…), many filters and effects… The most interesting thing about Zone is not the actual synthesis part but the impressive sequencer area. Zone can operate in different modes and users can sequence every single parameter in unlimited sequencer lanes.

This feature opens a lot of sound design possibilities compared to standard wavetable synths. One downside of this new plugin is the iLok software copy protection that many music producers don’t love. Nonetheless, Zone is a very interesting new synth that brings fresh air in the wavetable synth market.

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