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iZotope RX7 | How To Remix Any Track / Song With Music Rebalance Tutorial

RX7 - The industry standard for audio repair

Since its launch in 2007, RX has been at the forefront of innovation in audio repair and has been used on countless albums, movies and tv shows to repair damaged, noisy audio to pristine condition.

Years of research and development in machine learning have allowed iZotope to solve some of the most impossible audio repair tasks in music and post-production. Whereas previously the only way to get around these issues would be to re-record. One module to utilise this technology is Music Rebalance.

Once a piece of music is loaded into in the Music Rebalance module, there are 4 main faders that allow you to adjust the volumes of Voice, Bass, Percussion and Other independently by using one of three available Separation Alorgrithms: Channel Independent, Joint Channel and Advanced Joint Channel. By moving the sliders of Bass, Percussion and Other down to minus infinity you can quickly and easily produce an acapella vocal track. Or alternatively, reduce the volume of the vocal down to minus infinity to create an effective instrumental.

Learn how to make a quick acapella and an instrumental using iZotope RX in the video above.