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Music Radar Review: eaReckon Analog87 Series

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Last year, eaReckon really impressed us with EAReverb: its classy algorithmic reverb was sonically influenced by classic outboard gear, but it ultimately delivered a flavour all of its own. 

The Analog87 series is similarly retro-influenced. It has just been rebuilt from the ground up, with new algorithms and interfaces, and the addition of Mac compatibility. The series comprises five plug-ins (available individually or as a bundle) covering typical mixing processors: compressor, gate, EQ and limiter. The fifth plug-in is a channel strip that combines aspects of the other four. 


All five plug-ins successfully combine excellent ergonomics with great visual feedback, and we're hugely impressed by the sound quality. Unless your plug-in folder is already bulging with top-class wares, we don't doubt that you'll find good uses for them on a regular basis.

The bundle price is extremely attractive, and we have no hesitation in recommending each and every one of them to anyone in need of a set of gorgeous-sounding, easy-to-use analogue-style processors that won't come anywhere near to breaking the bank.

Finally, for a free taster, the Free87 series (using the same engines but with fewer options and basic interfaces) can be downloaded from the eaReckon website for nowt. Go get 'em!

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Rating: 4.5/5

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