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(Offer ends 2nd March 2020)

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Your Choice of Over 200 Sounds to use within AAS Player

Applied Acoustics Systems have created over 40 Sound Packs that can be used within their simplest plugin, the AAS Player. For a limited time only, you can choose two full packs from the selection to download and start using - both of your packs come with the AAS Player plugin, providing everything you need to start using your new sounds in your next production.

Professional Sound Design across a Huge Variety of Genres

Applied Acoustics Systems have partnered with some of the industry's top sound designers, including Daniel Stawczyk, Christian Laffitte, Thiago Pinheiro, Richard Devine & more, creating a database of over 3300 sounds to choose from. The sound packs span a diverse range of genres from drum & bass, techno, synthwave & cinematic, to hip hop, pop, rock & folk.

All of the sound packs have also been designed for and can be used in Applied Acoustics Systems' range of synthesizers, including Ultra Analog VA-3, String Studio VS-3, Chromaphone 2 and Strum GS-2. Discover the full range of packs below to choose two packs that are perfect for you.

Ultra-Analog VA-3 Sound Packs

  • Plastic Pop: New wave and synthpop sounds.
  • Pivotal: Synthetic, addictive, and mood-altering.
  • 30.8676 Hz: Fat, thumping analogue goodness.
  • Low End Theory: Urban, trap & hip hop sounds.
  • Transparency: Percussive analogue synths & FX.
  • Reverence: Modern and vintage analogue synths.
  • Angelicals: Experimental sci-fi and thriller sounds.
  • Raw: From subtle warmth to screaming distortion.
  • Cinémathèque: Sounds for horror, romance, suspense, or drama.
  • Analog Essentials: Techno, urban, trance, electro, trip-hop sounds.
  • Ultra FX: Customizable sound ideas, room tones and sound effects.
  • Starlight: Ambient leads, basses, rhythms & synths from outer space.
  • Abstractions: Percussion hits & loops, unusual basses and thick pads.
  • Technocracy: Tech House, minimal, melodic, dub, dark, and main room.
  • Sounds from BLKRTZ: Evolving chords, stabs, sequences & ambience.

String Studio VS-3 Sound Packs

  • Masala: Bouncing, buzzing, and sizzling.
  • Masala 2: Genuine, organic and authentic.
  • String Theory: Rich, complex, and refined sounds.
  • Journeys: Sounds with an intrinsic acoustic quality.
  • Aftermath: Sounds for a fresh, expressive and unsettling sense.
  • Fear Within: Uneasy ambiences, grisly melodic keys & immersive pads.
  • Frontier: Dazzling sounds coming straight out of deep-space exploration.
  • Harmonic Geometry: Elaborate timbral perspectives and intricate textural spaces.
  • Entangled Species: Sonics for electro-acoustic, ambient and film music arrangements.
  • Stranger Strings: Sounds spanning rock, pop, industrial, movie soundtracks, hip hop & trap.

Chromaphone 2 Sound Packs

  • Hover: Dusty analogue tones.
  • Digital Sins: Retro-futuristic sounds.
  • Synth City: Nostalgia of the 1980s’ vibe.
  • Cinematix: Monumental hits and percussions.
  • Synbiosis: Advanced sound design & synthesis.
  • Octagon: Carefully designed arpeggiated layered sounds.
  • Epicycles: An unsettling and opaque collection of new sounds.
  • Cardinals: Sounds scattered across synths, strings, pads & more.
  • Deconstruction: Harsh and hypnotising yet beautiful aural landscapes.
  • Solids: Blurring the line between analogue, FM, and physical modelling.
  • Microsound Textures: Sounds with precision, detail, subtlety and complexity.
  • Multiverse: Otherworldly textures and unusual melodic and percussive elements.
  • KitNetix: From epic soundtrack via weird electronica to gentle ambient minimalism.
  • Turmoil District: Dreamy and haunting vibes of trap, cloud trap, RnB, hip hop & ambient.

Strum GS-2 Sound Packs

  • Good Folks: Exploring the world of contemporary folk music.
  • Pop Rocks: Pop-infused acoustic and electric guitar goodness.
  • Funky: From tight, muted stabs to slick rhythmic chord progressions.
  • Blue Rhythms: Soulful sounds of the ’70s, from Motown to Muscle Shoals.
  • Take 3: Funky, odd time signature grooves for rock, blues, pop, country, and reggae.
  • Power Chords: Ranging from sparkly clean guitar sounds all the way up to high-gain territory.
  • Latin Vibes: Traditional and modern Latin music with an excellent sense of groove and sensuality.

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8. Select your two desired sound packs from the list provided.

Note: To find out more about each pack, ctrl-click the 'More info' button to open the window in a new tab.

9. Click 'GET YOUR BONUS'.

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