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Away from the ‘big names’ of the plug-in world there is a number of smaller developers ploughing a more interesting and unusual route through the domain of music production. Take MeldaProduction, for example, a small developer based in Prague that’s been slowly amassing a collection of 60 or so plug-ins, some distributed as freeware, others often at a highly competitive price point. While MeldaProduction’s collection might not have the visual allure of offerings from the likes of Waves or Universal Audio, they certainly represent a unique and occasionally ‘scientific’ approach to the tasks of processing sound.

MeldaProduction’s latest offering, then, is the MAutoDynamicEQ plug-in, a unique spin on the concept of an equalizer. In short, the plug-in works as a form of dynamic equalizer, so that the amount of cut or boost applied by each band is defined not only by a fixed amount of gain, but also in response to the input level. While dynamic equalization might sound a little tricky to understand, the concept is not entirely dissimilar to de-essing (which is one of the many tricks the MAutoDynamicEq can perform well), and with a little practice it’s easy to see the potential that the technique offers.


The Perfect Frequency


On first impressions the MAutoDynamicEq looks and feels much like a comprehensive seven-band equalizer (and indeed, you can use it just like any other equalizer in your plug-in collection). What’s immediately noticeable, though, is the almost scientific precision of both its sound and operation. A combination of sonogram and a real-time FFT analyser provides a detailed picture of the spectral fingerprint of your audio, while a handy Areas option divides up the frequency spectrum into musical octaves or sonic areas such as sub-bass and treble. Each band is fully adjustable, with 11 different filter bells, adjustable sloping and so on.

Once you’ve grasped the MAutoDynamicEq as an equalizer you can add its dynamic properties into the equation. In essence, each band can have the amount of cut and boost controlled in response to the input signal – raise the node, for example, and the band turns into a form of expander; lower the band and hear it turn into a form of compressor. The application of dynamic EQ is best understood in the example of de-essing, whereby a narrow cut is applied around the frequency of sibilance (say 4kHz or so) but the amount is controlled by a compressor.

Unlike a conventional de-esser – which turns down the amplitude of the whole signal in response to the input – a dynamic equalizer modifies the amplitude only in that specific frequency band, leaving the rest of the input untouched.


Melda’ing Sound


The art of using the MAutoDynamicEq is to use it as a conventional equalizer, but turn to its dynamic properties as and when you need them. Powerful tricks such as the ability to dynamically equalize a bass in response to the sidechained kick drum aren’t something you’ll need to turn to on a daily basis, but the MAutoDynamicEq’s general equalization duties will undoubtedly keep it busy until that moment arises.

One potential criticism – that MAutoDynamicEq sounds as precise as it looks – is arguably allayed by the Soft Saturation control. Although subtle, the saturation can help to add important ‘mojo’ to enhancement settings, adding body to bass, for example, or extra fizz to the highs.

The more you delve into the MAutoDynamicEq’s features the more you realise what a powerful tool it is. There are plenty more features than we’ve been able to cover here – four programmable modulators, M/S handling, Automatic Equalization and more – and it’s clear that MeldaProduction has left no stone left unturned in its design and implementation. However, MAutoDynamicEq possibly misses out on a set of users who enjoy simple tools providing immediate results. A greater set of presets would undoubtedly help, but for some, the power of MAutoDynamicEq might be too much! Overall, MAutoDynamicEq is an impressive amount of equalizer for surprisingly little outlay. If you feel your EQ needs a precision upgrade, it’s a tool that merits closer investigation.


Why Buy


  • Unique dynamic properties
  • Powerful metering options
  • Highly configurable
  • Affordable


Walk On By


  • Rather complex
  • Greater range of presets would help new users




A powerful and unique equalizer, MAutoDyanmicEq has a comprehensive set of features but it takes time to understand the full extent of what it can offer.


Rating: 9/10


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