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PSP PianoVerb2 Review At Music Radar

If you've ever listened to the undamped strings of a piano resonating in sympathy with the sounds in a room, then you already have some understanding of what PSP's PianoVerb2 is all about. Some years ago, the Polish company developed their intriguing reverb concept as a freeware plugin, and now it's back, revamped, expanded and pricetagged.


  • Creative concept and design.
  • More flexible than v1.
  • Excellent Freeze function.
  • Useful A/B switching. Good value.


  • Only a handful of presets.
  • Not suitable as your only reverb.


A fantastic update to one of the more interesting reverbs out there, PianoVerb2 is powerful, fun and inspirational.

Rating: 4.5/5

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