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eaReckon EARebound Review at Future Music

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EARebound is a multi-tap delay plugin with far more to offer than just elaborate echoes. Looking at the interface, you could be forgiven for mistaking it for a drum machine, but each of those step buttons infact activates a discrete delay line. By default, the 15 delays lines are set to progressive 16th notes: the two Delay Time buttons set each tap's note value (from 1/16 to 1/64, including dotted and triplets) and a multiplier (0x to 16x). So, 1/8 with 4x makes that particular tap happen four eigth-notes after the source signal. You can also turn host sync off and set each line's delay time manually, up to five seconds.

Each delay line also has it's own trio of effects processors: Saturation, Filters and Modulation. The first offers a selection of seven tube saturation and guitar pedal-style distortion algorithms, offering everything from gentle warming to screaming overdrive, while the Filters section comprises high- and low-pass filters, each from 20Hz to 20kHz.

The modulation processor is the most involved of the three, though, with it's Chorus and Tremolo modes enabling the wobbling of pitch or volume. The speed of the four modulation lines (two right, two left) can be synced to host or set freely, and the Unsync knob dials in rate variation between them; raise it for thicker sound. 

Return to Sender

The amount of source signal sent to the delay lines is set using the Send level fader. The source signal is processed using the same array of effects modules as the delay lines, and this processing can then be applied to the delay lines, too, via the Send FX Mix Fader. Finally, at the end of the chain is the Global Delay line, which processes the 15 taps with or without the source signal. Crank up the feedback and use this to loop the whole output, or punch it in and out of spot effects.

Complementing the main view shown in the screenshot, the Time Line and Mix View screens give editable overviews of the delay times and effects settings for all 15 delay lines and the source at once. There's also a multichannel mode and low-frequency splitting function, opening up a variety of routing possibilities that we don't have space to get into here, alas. 

In a market awash with quality delay plugins, EARebound stands out with it's successful combination of flexibility and exemplary ease of use. The Saturation, Filters and Modulation modules sound great, and with each delay line sporting it's own Feedback setting, incredibly intricate (and lengthy) patterns can be created in no time. It's also great fun to 'play' live via a MIDI controller, the configuration of which is made easy by the built MIDI learn system. Picking nits, it would be helpful to be able to solo individual delay lines, and a group editing function for setting parameters on multiple lines to the same value would be handy. However, EARebound is a beautifully designed uber-delay plugin of extraordinary power that I can't recommend highly enough. 


  • Stability 10/10
  • Value 8/10
  • Ease Of Use 9/10
  • Versatility 9/10
  • Results 9/10

Original Source: Future Music Mag Sep 2013

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