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Tronsonic The System 1000M Review At Sound and Gear

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I have a new Kontakt synth I had to let you know about if you don’t already.

It’s a collaboration from two awesome developers Tronsonic and Synthmagic and this thing sounds really cool.The concept behind it is to capture the character and feel of a true analog modular synthesizer and then recreate that experience within the Kontakt interface And the interface is a VERY gorgeous one I must say!

So what is System 1000M?


If you’ve ever heard or played with an analog modular synthesizer….then imagine taking those thick unique sounds, sampling through valve tube equipment direct to quarter inch tape, then making a crazy custom interface for the results in Kontakt.

Excited yet? Well that’s exactly what this synth is!

What I like about it is that it doesn’t aim to mimic or recreate any one specific synth, and with the talents of Tronsonic and Synthmagic together on the same project I was super excited when I got the email about the release of this product. The bottom line is, this instrument aims to give you the raw, unique, and warm sound of a true modular synthesizer without the cables and expensive price tags to go along with it.

So how does it sound?


This thing sounds awesome! It has tons of character and warmth to it, with enough subtle imperfections to make it sound real. The basses are thick, the leads are sharp, and there are plenty of weird fx, blips, and other noises. It’s one of those few libraries that really puts you in the mind of actual hardware gear. I definitely find myself cracking the same type of smile I get when playing with some of my own analog hardware. I really love the thickness of the sounds and just the dynamic detail they were able to reproduce.

So what’s the bottom line?


Really? Just go get the thing man!

I give System 100om 5 out of 5 subs without any questions at all, it sounds great and the interface itself is amazing. The price they are charging is crazy too, almost unfair, but hey…I won’t complain! That means everyone will have the chance to get some of this modular goodness! I also love the fact that they will be releasing updates with more presets and waveform banks…man this thing is gonna be awesome! It’s definitely made it into my short list of must have libraries…sure there are a lot of good products out, but then there are some products that just stand out from the crowd and take permanent residence in my toolkit.

The System 1000M is one such instrument and I’m excited to see what they release for it in terms of updates and extra banks.


Rating 5/5


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