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Beat Mode Review: Ohmboyz

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In a word - WOW! I love this effects plugin! Ohm Force Ohm Boyz is a refreshing new twist on effecting sound not to be found with other plug ins. It is very unique and far from the ordinary. It is a blast to play with. It is far more than just a delay and can really contort sounds in inspiring magical ways.

The results are highly rhythmical with full tempo sync capabilities. From precise delays to the complete unexpected, Ohm Boyz is a joy to use and experiment with. It's great fun to use on drum loops yielding completely new variations.

We also found Ohm Boyz to be especially satisfying on piano and synth sounds. Imagine the crisp tones of the piano with layered regenrating delays quietly feeding back and warping into LFO heaven in the background! Perfect for trance and euphoria tunes!

Ohm Boyz sounds sparkling and comes with a healthy number of presets. Plus twsiting the knobs can yield unexpected yet wonderful results. It was easy on the CPU too.

Mac VST, MAS and PC VST & Direct X effects plugin with full midi automation support (as of version 1.20) utilizing 4 predelays injecting into 2 delay lines, 2 complete resonant filters, distortion, a high shelf filter and LFOs galore make this a versatile effects powerhouse.

According to Ohm Force "this delay does not click" and "has LFOS' everywhere".

Ohm Boyz pricing is a bit confusing. Ohm Boyz "standard" starts at $9.95 with complete and unlimited features (however 16 bit quantized), and without the commercial use license. The Professional Pack has a real market price of $199. and comes on a cd-rom complete with all versions. If you're on a budget and do not need all versions, Ohm Boyz is available in the "expert version" for $79. and includes all features (24 bit and midi) in the plugin format of your choice. Demo also available.

We'd have given it a 10 out of 10 rating, but at $199. Ohm Boyz Professional is a bit on the pricey side, and the $9.95 version is not professional quality, however it is a great way to test out the plugin. $79 is reasonable for the "expert version" and will do the job on your choice of VST, MAS or DirectX. That said, Ohm Force Ohm Boyz is still an indispensible, must have plugin that will find it's way into many of your projects, regardless of genre. It's a blast to play around with! Original from

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