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Ever since some bright spark first ran a loop or tape across a series of playback heads, delay has been a music production staple. More rhythmic than reverb, it can be used to spatialise, thicken, chorus and generally excite and invigorate any sound. But with so many amazing delay plugins on the market it takes more than a sexy nordic name to impress…

D16's new delay plugin, Sigmund (VST/AU), comprises four discrete delay lines, each of which boasts its own multimode filter, overdrive and amplitude modulator, all independent of the feedback loop. Two global LFO's and an output limiter enable wobbling of various parameters, while the routing section, with nine topologies to choose from, enables you to instantly switch the routing of your delay setup. Things are certainly looking good on paper, then, with everything required to operate Sigmund as a flanger, filter, tremolo, chorus, spatialiser (the left and right channels can be independently pre-delayed and mid/side signals can even be processed separately), limiter, distortion and, of course delay, in place.


  • Versatile
  • Beautiful sounds
  • Great presets
  • Powerful routing
  • Clean interface
  • Awesome stereo manipulation tool


  • Can be taxing on the CPU

Rating: 9/10

Original Source: Computer Music

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