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PSP Audioware Xenon review at Music Radar

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If the overall level of your tracks needs beefing up, this could be the solution.

PSP Audioware’s range of signal processors has long been popular, with its VintageWarmer plug-in being a particular favourite for injecting colour and warmth into a mix.

Xenon, the company’s latest effort, follows a very different path, being a stereo limiter that’s supposed to deliver a pristine and transparent sound while still beefing up the overall level.


  • Transparent results.
  • Neat and tidy interface.
  • Three dedicated transient-handling modes.
  • Clear metering, including K-System support.
  • Word length and dithering options.


  • Not the cheapest plug-in on the market.


We can't fault Xenon. Its sound is superb, and the multitude of modes makes it ideal for any and all limiting applications that require clarity and transparency.

Rating: 5/5

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