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Minimal System have done it again with MasterMix Buss Compressor, a recent addition to their wide range of high-quality, competitively priced products.
The MasterMix Buss Compressor is a straightforward analog modelled buss compressor which features an irresistible GUI without taking a toll on your CPU. Being a buss compressor it can be used for both mixing and mastering, and does a great job at both.
Features – Why Should I Buy This?
I only review plugins that I think are worth the money. Plugins that I know will benefit you, the reader. So, besides being attractive and well-priced, what are some of the stand-out features of the MasterMix Buss Compressor?
Tape Simulator
You don’t need a $300 Waves plugin to add warmth to your track, despite what many people think. The MasterMix Buss Compressor features a tape simulation section with saturation and hiss.
Both sound great, and can add a nice touch of analog warmth to your track or group. If you’re looking for more transparent compression then disable both tools by using the bypass buttons on the left.
Simple Visual Feedback
Some plugins can be used straight out of the box without the need to consult a manual or the internet for help. Minimal System’s MasterMix Buss Compressor is one of them.
The visual feedback on this plugin makes sense and is helpful. You’ve got a right and left VU meter which can be switched, as well as accurate readings for threshold, ratio, attack, release, and gain (most analog modelled buss compressor don’t have this accurate reading and it can be difficult if you need to make fine adjustments to fit with the tempo of your track).
Ready-to-go Presets
As you probably all know, my view on presets is that they’re a good starting place but rarely are they usable at their default setting. This remains true with the MasterMix Buss Compressor, as well as any compressor for that matter. You’re always going to have to tweak it to fit your mix.
With that said, the MasterMix has some great templates that you can work from, including:
  • Heavy Drum Buss
  • 4000 Buss Comp
  • Subtle Pumping Comp
  • Mastering Compressor
  • Super Glue
  • Aged Analogue Desk
  • SSL Desk
  • Electronic Buss Comp
  • My personal favorites are the Super Glue and Subtle Pumping Comp.


Ease of Use

Like most Minimal System plugins, the MasterMix is easy to use. If you’ve used compressors before then you’ll be comfortable straight away.

If you’re new to compression then it may take a bit of playing around with, but I recommend learning how to use your DAW’s compressor before buying a third party product.

The plugin is clear and laid out logically. It’s labelled accordingly and doesn’t have any complicated or unexplained parameters, which is awesome for those of us who just want to compress to impress.

Who’s it For?

If you’re lacking a decent buss compressor, or you’re looking for an authentic analog modelled buss compressor, then the MasterMix Buss Compressor is the perfect tool for you. It’s great for those who are looking to add another plugin to their arsenal, or those who are just starting to build their collection.

I can confidently say I’ll be using this quite a lot!

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